Monday, July 1, 2013

look for good

I think I love you.

No, scratch that-actually I'm positive. I love that you are here, reading these words. I love you sharing your important stories with me. It makes me feel connected and human. Less alone. Sometimes regular old every day life feels lonely, even when you are surrounded by lots of people. There's always that insatiable vast empty space longing for true connection. Writing this blog helps that ache feel bearable. I hope it helps provide that for you too. It's not just my blog- or Greyson + Parker's. It's not just for those living with super powers. It's for everyone that finds connection and communion here. Everyone is invited. 

What a weekend, Friend. I'm not sure I mean that in a good way. I hate cold weather. It makes me want to sleep and eat carbs. It zaps me of energy. I love warm weather, but right now it's a little extreme.

 photo photo-3_zps28684ed9.png

It's still 99 degrees as I sit here and chat with you, and it's not letting up any time soon. There is sweat dripping down the back of my knees and I am zapped of the creative energy I need to survive. Today I was so hot. Exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. It was too hot to go swimming. Am I depressed or just really stinking hot? I wondered. In a way they kind of feel the same. No energy. No drive.

And I started to wonder how we were going to deal with this heat all week. What will we do? And I realized my thoughts and plans and hopes and ideas are limited by my own mind. If I think the heat is going to stop us from having fun- then it will.

 photo goodthings_zpsa555d0cb.jpg

And this weekend I realized that I needed to practice thinking differently. Sometimes I think I need to hire someone to think for me and to dream big for me. To dream without the limitations I sometimes place on myself. I can't do that! It's too expensive, hot, slow, fast, far, embarrassing, much, busy or crazy. My hired thinker won't let any of those lame adjectives stop me from doing anything.

So I tried to think in new ways. Where can we go? What can we do to have fun? I thought of Grey's love for his drum set, and the answer was clear.

 photo _MG_3526_zpsbfd03a43.jpg

 photo _MG_3531_zps5e6516d2.jpg

 photo _MG_3518_zpse7577033.jpg

We went to the music store, where the possibilities are endless. I'm sure the 20-something hipsters that worked there were stoked to have us.

 photo _MG_3542_zpsb40175b1.jpg

 photo _MG_3546_zps9deecb37.jpg

There was an awesome room with spinning and flashing lights and loud music.

 photo _MG_3564_zpseb1dc021.jpg

 photo _MG_3559_zps96572055.jpg

When he's flappy he's happy. Grey flaps his hands when he is excited. Many kids on the spectrum do.

 photo _MG_3578_zps6e063491.jpg

Yours is the greatest story you will ever write. Sometimes it's easy to feel like a character and think that the story is being written for us. But we are the first person. The narrator.

And despite the fact that Monday is looming up ahead, I'm going to write a good story all day long tomorrow. At least I'm going to try. How about you?



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  1. I love the look on Doodle's face in the last photo!

  2. I love the idea of writing your own story! Looking for the good...

  3. awesome amazing pic of lil bro looking at his big bro- what a great idea for a hot summer day! Today I was letting all KINDS of excuses stop me from doing things- and its barely 7am. Glad I read this! Going to have a much better day!

  4. In my home daycare, we are dealing with a really rough case of Terrible Twos. Amazingly enough, my child with SPD is sailing through the days right now. We have decided to start our mornings by "making a deal to be nice to each other all day". We say our pledge, do a high 5, and start the day. It's working pretty well, at least until about noon. I might need to reinforce it at lunch time.

    Could I ask where you got Parker's shoes? Those are awesome! My kid with SPD needs to wear shoes all the time for another issue, and his mom is having an awful time finding any to fit his really high arch. These look like they might work really well and be easy to get on and off.

    1. They are NATIVE brand. They are our favorite. Soft- easy to get on and off!

  5. I love the phrase, "When he's flappy, he's happy!" I am totally using that! My 3 year old son Matthew has superpowers, too, and I have relished reading your blog since you had a guest spot on Momastery. PS - I was in the gold country foothills over the weekend, about an hour northeast of Lodi, and those temps look familiar. Boy, it felt good to get back to Sunnyvale to "only" 90!! Hope you had a good day today!

  6. Mine too is flappy when he's happy. :)

    Wanted to tell you that I am so enjoying your blog.
    My husband encouraged me to write when our son was diagnosed on the spectrum in 2007, and we were new to that journey. I wrote bits and pieces every now and then, but didn't keep up with it as I wish I would have. I'm a feeling writer like you. It just pours out of me in the moment, and I wish I would have stopped and allowed myself more of those moments. Now looking back, I'm sure to a certain extent I was protecting myself from feeling it all to a greater extent by NOT writing about it. It was all so raw back then. But I wish I had those words and feelings on paper now.
    Your writing style is so easy to connect to, and is bringing back good memories for me (who would have thunk there'd be so many good memories amongst the struggles). So thanks for the continued smiles and thought provoking posts you write. You are helping people in so many ways.

    Smiles and air conditioned hugs to you! :) (It's a little cooler up here in Sacramento...but not much).