Thursday, July 11, 2013

(for you)

God gives us gifts in His perfect way. I realize that there is conflict in our intrepretation of perfect versus God's definition of perfect. I think perfect got lost in translation. I think all perfect has an implied (for you) immediately afterwards. Perfect is beyond what imperfect people like us could ever imagine here on Earth.

Imagine looking around now and realizing that everything was perfect. Not clean or put away perfect. A deeper, bigger, broader, truer perfect. How would that feel? Take a breath, close your eyes and really picture it. It's a relief isn't it? Why can't that be real? At this moment for me, it is real. I need to find a way to hold onto it.

Today I contemplated writing a different book because I came to the realization that I am a WORLD EXPERT on a topic. It's called, How to Sweat the Small Things, Which really makes me mad that I'm so good at it-- because I don't believe in it in the first place!

And like anything else, the more I sweated, the more I found things to make me sweat --to prove I was right. Negative me is ALWAYS right. DON'T MESS WITH NEGATIVE ME. It started with a Summer schedule mix-up. Grey's summer program preschool started today, and he needed to be picked up at the same time Parker was doing at home therapy. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!!! I wondered. It was like you had just told me I was losing a leg. Luckily the husband jumped in and saved the day, but after that it was like I was hard wired to jump at every little friction. Tightly wound. I had to remind myself to just breath. He brought Grey to school and I brought Doodle to speech.

 photo _MG_4410_zps777441a1.jpg

Parker goes to Speech Therapy one hour, two times a week. We would go every day if we could.

 photo _MG_4409_zps52af9893.jpg

 photo _MG_4413_zpsb17f956d.jpg

Parker was finally able to point at home tonight for the first time. It's a slow moving process. Often times when a Spectrum kid learns something in a classroom environment, it doesn't initially translate into real world settings. That's called generalization. It's something we work on daily. 

 photo _MG_4418_zps11faffdc.jpg
I love how he opens his mouth any time he feeds me or a toy.

I tried to keep Parker up long enough this afternoon to experience Trash Truck Wednesday, but he wasn't having it. Everything was coming down to the wire. I was packing a little goodie bad for Frankie our driver Friend while Greyson was in front of me in the pool.

 photo _MG_4442_zpse548e9e6.jpg

Grey slyly takes off his trunks and proceeds to poop the pool. I am at a loss as to what to do... I haven't dealt with anything like this before in my entire Life. I did NOT learn how to deal with this while attending approximately 5 years of college. That must be a topic covered in the 6th year.

 photo photo-741_zps6f12c480.jpg

Oh I know, Brilliant.  I'll look in my Parenting Handbook. Certainly that will let me know the appropriate way to fish poo out of the pool.  People are always talking about how they didn't receive a guidebook or manual on how to parent, but I did! You can totally borrow it. It's not very good though- they didn't even mention poo even one single time in the entire book. If you are a parent of a fur or human baby, you know that poo is a BIG part of it.

 photo photo-74_zps27e0e108.jpg

I jump in the pool attempting to fish out the poo without stirring up the water too much. It was all over, deep end, shallow end. Since I wasn't in the mood for pink eye today, I wasn't about to go under water with my eyes open to fish it out. So I try to gently grab dissolving poo with my feet under the water and fish it to the surface.

At the time I was HORRIFIED and ANGRY and now it is HILARIOUS. Funny how time makes that happen. Next time I'm going to just try and avoid the horrified and go right for the hilarious. It's not always easy to do in the moment.

 photo _MG_4451_zps6ee9ed5e.jpg

 photo _MG_4454copy_zps4de42bda.jpg

It all worked out, Friend. It always does.

 photo _MG_4487_zpsa4fd3fab.jpg

And look at the awesome shirt we got from Aunt Lisa today! Thank you Sister.

Frank has become a favorite part of our week, as well as a friend in my heart. We exchange emails and he makes me laugh and cry. The world teaches me, and I am so grateful when I'm able to generalize those messages into my heart and into my mind. Once upon a time I may have said I was better than a "Trash Man". I would have said I was LESS THAN someone with a better house or more money. I was LESS THAN someone who was skinnier or prettier than me. 

I was wrong. 

I was wrong. 

I was wrong. 

I am not BETTER than anyone who is kind... which also means that no one is better than me for the things I mentioned above either...which is so freeing to feel. 
I am perfect (for me) just the way I am.





Love Your Friend,


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  1. I love that you posted the poo(l) picture. I was literally laughing out loud in bed. Then I'm picturing you trying to fish it out. Sorry. Hilarious. Only because I was just picking it up around the pool last night. ;) xoxoxo

  2. "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!!!" ... you had me at 'hello', but those words put me right in your shoes. You write in a way that draws me into your world. Thank you.

    On the 'poop in the pool' issue, I just watched a Dr. Oz episode that addresses that exact question (it is on the 'Part 1' video at around the 3:50 mark)

    Happy Day to you ...

  3. Oh friend! I (heart) you & feel for you but OMGeee I was laughing at the image of you fishing poo with your feet. Don't you have a skimmer? I'm not trying to go all Kai-Lan on ya & I don't have a pool, but the idea occurred to me that a little net might fish it out...
    PS - I don't even know what year of college I am working on, but so far "No" on what to do when your toddler poops in the pool. I'll keep ya posted.
    Thank you a million times for you. Love & happiness to you, sweet Momma, Jennifer

  4. I love your blog. I'm a work-out-of-home mom with two typical kids. They're 4 and 2, so similar to your boys in age, but the challenges they present to me are different from the ones you face. Anyway - even though much of my day-to-day existence as a mom is not the same as yours, I relate to SO MUCH that you write about. Your perspective is so great for all kinds of parents and people, and I look forward to it everyday. Thank you so much for sharing, and for helping us all find humor and celebration in everyday moments.

  5. I found your blog because you declared it share day and I thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far but I must know -- what did you do with the poo?!?! Because this is how life works, I know that POO in our POOL will now happen within 3 what did you do?! Scoop it out and drain the pool, scrub with bleach and refill.

  6. One of my grandbabies thought poo was an art medium ... had to throw a pack and play away because of the artwork! Guess replacing the pool is not an option. I love your attitude, and you make me a better person just by sharing your story. Love you and your precious family.