Sunday, September 15, 2013

til tomorrow


I am writing a VERY important post on LOVE. It's coming out all Sunday blue-ish tired and I need it to come out how it looks in my head. I think if I go eat chocolate and watch crappy TV I will give my soul the nourishment it needs.

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But for today, Monday, I give you permission to focus only on today. Not even the whole day- just now. And now. And now. You are writing an entire book on the History of you. Go fill today's pages with something small, something good, something funny, something heartwarming, something proud-worthy, something relaxing.  

Whatever it is- make it on purpose. Own it. I'll be here trying to do the same thing. Until tomorrow night.

I feel like I should offer some words in the meanwhile.  This guy is good. This article is good. I like his take. In fact, I read this and got annoyed and jealous with how damn funny he is which made me realize I should probably just share it. And yes, I'm kidding. Kind of.

Big Fat Hugs,

Your Pal Chrissy

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  1. Enjoy your vitamin "c", Chrissy!! Have a good night. *HUGS*

  2. Hi,Pal. I hope this is a good Monday for you. I am just starting to feel a little human after over two whole weeks of sickeness at my house :( I wrote the check to daycare this morning & thought "Holy Crap! how can it be the 16th today?? Where has Septemer gone??"
    Love & healthy wishes to you, sweet momma! xoxox Jennifer