Monday, January 13, 2014

weekend wrap up

I'm feeling prickly and out of sorts. Wishing tomorrow was Thursday will probably get me no where- right?

I'm taking deep breaths and agreeing to let go of the little things in life. The ones that often have the potential to unglue me the most. In and out........ You try it too. I'm SERIOUS, I'm going to stop writing until I hear you take a few good deep breaths.

K. Good job Friend. I think back to my three words for 2014- my heart adjectives, the ones that I want to grow. Adventure, learning and giving. When we are done talking here I'm going to fill in at least one to-do after each word, something I can do this week to contribute to my word. What would your three words be? Focusing on your words is a good way to get unstuck if you too are just a little off.

This weekend the skies were gray and the air was cool. We didn't have any plans, which was good because I really didn't feel like doing much of anything anyway.

 photo IMG_1544_zpsc681c0f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1550_zps5828cb06.jpg

Insta snow. It's crazy stuff-I've never seen anything like it. It's powder that absorbs 100 times its weight in water- so the tiniest amount makes a HUGE bowl of snow. After you add water, it actually even gets cold too. My family lives in Chicage and Missouri- so we thought we should have some snow days too. I just need to make about 3 billion more bowls to catch us up.

On Saturday we took a little drive to Millerton Lake, just a few miles away. The last time we went it was Summer and the lake water was high. Currently our town of Fresno, which lies in the center of California is experiencing a huge drought.  It's the driest calendar year on record. This is lamentable primarily because Fresno is a farm town and California's Central Valley is one of the country's most important food-producing regions.

 photo IMG_1601_zps1a4cc4b6.jpg

We are doing rain dances and praying for rain.

I lived at the beach for 11 years, and I still miss it in my bones. Unfortunately there is no Ocean snug here where we live, nestled in between Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

 photo IMG_1641_zpsdacdaaf1.jpg
Millerton Lake was nice very distant second. I could still feel the cool wet air and hear the lapping of water meeting surface. And the rolling hills are actually unbelievable and majestic. Beautiful. They look painted on. The boys and I are always happiest outside.

 photo IMG_1688_zps33ea3430.jpg

 photo IMG_1619_zps8d0d2424.jpg

Grey found it jump and flap worthy. His highest of ratings compliments.

 photo IMG_1630_zpsdfadad92.jpg
Don't you wish Life was as clear cut as road signs? Me too.

 photo IMG_1633_zps32f29c60.jpg
They are always going in the opposite direction. Screw Pilates or kettle bell work outs. Who needs that when you can chase little boys for FREE in the comfort of your very own home. Contact me if you are interested in classes.

 photo IMG_1662_zpsf2a1943d.jpg
This is how Parker feels about being made to keep his shoes on. He hates shoes. Hates hates hates. Parker was crying real tears as Michael told him he had to wear his shoes, too cold too dangerous. It was breaking my heart. Oh, just let him go barefoot. Who cares that it's cold? He's just a bird. You can't make a bird wear shoes. How would you feel if you were a bird and people kept shoving your feet into shoes?! Horrible! That's how! (This was right about the time Michael said I was crazy).

 photo IMG_1678_zpsc54619d0.jpg

Baby Bird-1 

 photo IMG_1699_zpsf76a0edb.jpg
Despite a water shortage, there is no shortage of mud, and we got it everywhere that day.

On the way back from the Lake, we passed by the local Fire station. The Firemen were out front, (well, after we followed them from down the street- but that's a whole nother story) so we pulled in and asked if the boys could just take a look at the truck.

 photo IMG_1720_zps3e0d0d8f.jpg

 photo IMG_1722_zpsac894c80.jpg

They let us do more than look. They were so kind, and welcomed us completely. They gave us drinks and stickers and even let us sit inside the truck. If Giving is on their list, they can totally check it off.

 photo IMG_1732_zps3cd9068a.jpg

Would you look at that. I'm not even in a funk anymore. Looking over the pictures from the weekend and talking to you has a way of doing that to me every time. Hopefully it did the same for you.

Go get your Monday. Hope it doesn't suck.



  1. Love your uplifting spirit this evening. Thanks for making my almost Monday a little bit brighter :)

  2. These photos are wonderful, esp. the joy of the fire truck. We went to the fire station once and the (kind) fireman thought my son would enjoy hearing the siren.... It was a *bit* too loud but I remember thinking how wonderful it is that firefighters are so kind and understand how important the truck is to kids. Thanks for sharing.