Wednesday, February 5, 2014

every day adventures

What did you do last Wednesday, a week ago today? It's a pretty hard question to answer, right? I mean unless it was your wedding day or your birthday or some big event circled in red on a calender and counted down to.

The truth is, I have no idea what I did last Wednesday. The days all blend together and it's easy to go to bed without anything really memorable happening...Night after night after night and sometimes for days in a row. And we can blame life and busy and commitments, but I think this happens mostly because we just get stuck. We forget that life is supposed to also be fun and silly and without a point or outcome or destination sometimes. The older you get the less your brain is even able to think that way. A way free of output or destination. I was so good at pointless and whimsy in college. Adventuring simply for the sake of adventure.

I may not remember what I did today, February 5th, 2014 down the road, but the memory of today will stand out for the rest of my life. In fact, today will be one of those days I rewatch with God. Every time I get to a good part I will clap, and ask him to replay it again. I will thank him for giving me the ability to hold tight to the fact that no matter your circumstance, life should sometimes be one big adventure.

Today Greyson woke up with a wicked cold, so I called off his entire schedule.

 photo _MG_4551_zpsbad5d62a.jpg

Today there was no Behavior Therapy, no Speech Therapy, no tests or Doctors appointments or assessments. Because of autism, he's a pretty busy 4-year old little guy. And since he is so busy, I know that a day free of everything should be celebrated and enjoyed. I'm a Mom, that's my job. We wipe butts and noses and floors clean. We jump over moons and chase rainbows and scare monsters to get one extra smile on days that they hurt.

Today we drove around with one thing in mind...

 photo _MG_4364_zpsc4073872.jpg

To find all the trucks we could. Greyson is crazy about trucks- it was his second word, right after Wow. Fitting that they both go together.

 photo _MG_4374_zpsc02955b0.jpg

 photo _MG_4385_zps203b0c76.jpg

 photo _MG_4401_zpse5f058e2.jpg

There were at least 4 of these green bad boys all in a row. It was like truck heaven.

We looked for trucks everywhere. We scoured parking lots and loading docks. Side streets and construction plants. And the more we looked, the more we found. A perfect reminder to look for good. 

 photo _MG_4415_zps1c6278ba.jpg

My son loves trucks. Can we take a picture in front of your truck? I would ask the rugged drivers of the parked trucks. Each one grinned and happily agreed. People are so darn good.

And Greyson would start out watching, silent and still. 

 photo _MG_4430_zps970a1abe.jpg

 photo _MG_4435_zps92841ad4.jpg

And then literally explode with joy.

 photo _MG_4424_zps58a537d2.jpg

 photo _MG_4439_zps62974295.jpg

 photo _MG_4444_zps076b6b71.jpg

 photo _MG_4528_zps21ea6ca0.jpg

 photo _MG_4533_zpsf0bd96d5.jpg

 photo _MG_4539_zps67b55789.jpg

It was so much fun watching him...

 photo _MG_4542_zps2a410bc7.jpg

And watching the big strong truck drivers grinning all over. We made so many kind new friends today on our adventure. 

And it was perfect, because today just so happened to be Trash Truck Wednesday. Our regularly scheduled trash pick up day.

 photo _MG_4475_zps07d4f4a7.jpg

 photo _MG_4479_zps1628c0a1.jpg

 photo _MG_4483_zps3ab260ba.jpg

 photo _MG_4498_zps1626c3bf.jpg

Sometimes the greatest of adventures get to occur right in our own front yard. Go get your adventure, Friend.



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  1. You are amazing and so is Greyson. The photos brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Love it! :-) Hope Greyson is feeling better soon, and that the rest of you stay well!!

  3. Oh, what a darling he is...brought tears to my eyes too. Sounds like a great day.

  4. And he's airborne! Oh, such joy!

  5. Wow! What a wonderful adventure. So much joy. And such a good reminder to find the good. I hope Greyson is feeling better today, too. What a beautiful day you made for him!

  6. The expression on his face in front of the Fed Ex truck is pure happiness, it took my breath away. Sweetness right there.
    Go on a truck- finding adventure, you are brilliant momma! I think my little man and I shall go on a truck-finding adventure too!