Monday, June 16, 2014

vintage momastery

Tonight I uploaded pictures and wrote and none of the picture links would post and I didn't like what I wrote anyway so I deleted it all. Shew. I feel better. Instead- I'm going to relax and instead share a vintage post from almost one year ago exactly. I still remember not being able to sleep the night before because I was so excited. 

HERE'S one of my favorite guest posts ever on the blog MOMASTERY. 

And a special thank you to EVERYONE who has made a donation to any charity in honor of Greyson and Parker. I wish I could tell you how much it means and explain just how good it feels. You matter. 
And for anyone interested in donating to our Autism Speaks donation page, please click HERE



  1. How did I forget about that post?! Of course you were on momastery!

  2. I love that I didn't know you had a blog or were on the Huff Post and Momastery when I met you. All these things I get to slowly know. And you know what? I've said it numerous times and don't mean it, but acknowledge it: I wish sometimes I had cancer or something that was tangible so I could fix it and not live in limbo or with "alopecia" which has no cure or answers. Ghost-like. Auto immune shit sucks. But so does autism. And we are doing it anyway. Every. damn. day. Choosing the happy. LOVE YOU! Again, your words here were plucked from my head. We are all the same. xoxooxoxo

  3. I loved this post. It's when I first read about you and your amazing boys and began following your blog. It was so fleshing to read someone that spoke the absolute truth about how you felt.