Thursday, December 11, 2014

one dot at a time

When I was little I loved doing connect the dots. I always tried to figure out what the image was before I even began, squinting my eyes and turning the paper around to examine it from different angles. Left curious and giddy from the uncertainty.

Half way through connecting I would think- what?! How is 11 all the way up here and 12 so way far down over there?! This isn't going to look like anything but a bunch of scribbles. I wonder if I made a wrong move somewhere.

Skeptically I would follow each dot from number to number. And sure enough, the dots would connect and I would start to see the vague semblance of something real. And then at the very end- suddenly the image was revealed and it all made sense.


 photo Untitled-1_zps801c6b15.jpg

This is life. We are in the middle of connecting all the dots. That is a beautiful, good thing. It means we are alive. It means were are trying. Frequently the things that happen to us in life doesn't make any sense. We don't know where the heck we are headed to next, and we are desperately and urgently trying to see, to know, to control the whole big picture.

The image will be revealed to you but not a second before it's supposed to. Don't think about the final picture- just look for the very next number and make your move. Maybe it's time we felt curious and giddy about our own future, instead of anxious and uncertain.

Some scenes from this past Wednesday...

 photo _MG_6252_zps54092c59.jpg
We are lucky because we get THREE visits from the trash truck on Wednesdays (trash, recycle and green waste which is Frank!). Trash comes first thing in the morning.

 photo _MG_6277_zps32aa9a62.jpg

 photo _MG_6283_zps6a341060.jpg
Grey does just as much for Frank's heart as Frank does for him. Love is one sized fits all.

I love you and I am so glad we get to share some dots together, 



  1. So perfect. Frank is awesome!


  2. Brilliant & beautiful, friend. Just like you. To quote the wise Stephen Tyler, "Life's a journey not a destination". That line is both trite and profound. I am very much trying to focus on enjoying this season and this day and this moment. Worrying about the whole shebang is beyond my pay grade - God has that handled for me. Boy, I wish it was as easy to live that as it is to write it. Friends like you help me remember. Thank you <3
    Love & happiness to you, sweet Momma xoxo Miracle

  3. Look forward to your stunning photography with every post!

  4. You are sooooooo right. Great post