Wednesday, February 18, 2015

paint the town

Less words, more pictures tonight. 

I've been fully immersed in life. Getting up early like a real grown up so we aren't totally scattered and chaotic in the morning as Greyson completes his first week at his new school. 

Grey's first week was amazing. I keep pinching myself. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I think this is it, and it's gooooood. Sometimes the first day is the hard, but usually it's the day AFTER the day that's the hardest. Like day one they are thinking- man, this place sucks. I can't wait to go home. And then you go back the second day and they FREAK OUT. Thinking- NOOO!!!! I already came here yesterday. I did this. I don't want to be here. But we didn't even have to get over that hump. Every day- he troops up into his classroom and fits right in.

Man, this kid is only five and he reminds me how life is done.

 photo _MG_788418-03-39_zps85465edc.jpg

He teaches me what is real.

You guys, I can't stop painting. The first room we did was our bedroom. And it's huge. And by the time we were done taping it off- I hated it. I wanted to keep it beige. And then we painted around the trim. And by the time that was done I SWORE we would never ever paint again. And it felt like it took DAYS to finish. Which it actually kind of did because I would work on it at night after the boys fell asleep. And it was awful. Awful awful.

And then we finished. And angels started to sing. And I think a bird even landed on my shoulder. And you could hear an actual harp. And the next day I woke up and had this weird feeling- like a craving. I felt like painting. I love that I don't think when I paint- I just paint. I get lost in not thinking and only painting. That's a HUGE blessing for this chronic over-thinker. While painting, the time passes so fast. I still hate taping and preparing the room- but not nearly as much. I just can't stop painting. And so painting and painting and painting we have done.

 photo _MG_7913_zpscff0d4ec.jpg

This is my favorite paint color ever. Marina Isle by Behr. It reminds me exactly of the color of the life guard stands in Hermosa Beach- our home before we moved to the Central Valley of California.

 photo _MG_7910_zpsbb759100.jpg

Our old home had so much natural light. Now I have to chase it and sometimes I forget. Today I am grateful because I remembered.

 photo _MG_7900_zpsa52b8095.jpg

 photo _MG_7923_zps6057dfe9.jpg

 photo _MG_7920_zps9da2087a.jpg
Moroccan Sky and Pebble Gray. Gray is my favorite color, and second is rainbow. Does that count?

 photo _MG_7859_zpsfd16351b.jpg

 photo _MG_7861_zps6ff93034.jpg

 photo _MG_7864_zps20074304.jpg
The end. Happily ever after.

I like painting because it's like life. A small dose of color can turn something completely around. 

And I love painting because it's nothing like life. For the most part, I know what to expect when I paint. And there's a beginning and a middle and an end. And I can see the progress I am making and that is so motivating. And that happiness lasts each time I feel at ease in the room that I helped create.

 photo _MG_7942_zps3eb8ff16.jpg

This afternoon Parker brought me my flip flop. And he bent down and put it on my foot. And then he ran and grabbed its match and put it down in front of me and said, "on". I was blown away. Of course we went right outside and chased the light together.

 photo _MG_7959_zps76055066.jpg

Man, this kid. I love him so much that sometimes I miss him while he's still around. I know- it doesn't make sense. Or maybe it does. 

Okay- off to bed. Early to rise. Another day is ours to open and paint however we want. 



  1. Beautifully stated as usual

  2. Makes perfect sense, actually. happens to me all the time- when something is so sweet, or someone is SO loved, that I miss them in advance of their absence. Totally get it. This is gorgeous.

  3. We are about to follow in your footsteps in a month - leaving behind a beloved house for a better school district for Daniel. I keep reading your posts to remind myself what a good thing this will be for him, for all of us.

    Keep posting pics of your gorgeous house! I need inspiration for paint colors. I think the Pebble Gray will be perfect in my 10 year old's room.

  4. Yours is one of the few blogs I COULD NOT give up for Lent. No way! I need your perspective too much! So glad you shared pictures of your new home. So interesting to see the different style homes in other parts of this great country. This post makes me smile. Your realness comes right out. I told a friend today that our writings are more bare and raw when we're struggling. That's how your writing comes off. Real joy shines through when we decide to live fully and push through and search for the good regardless of our life's situations. Keep writing and showing the way.