Friday, May 15, 2015


Many of us assume Jesus doesn't talk to us. 

Maybe we don't remember how to be still and listen anymore. It's easy to blame life or schedules or even our phone for not plugging into real life. Our phone is humanless. Blameless. We are our phone because we control it. Maybe we are just being too busy with the business of life. I hate it when life gets in the way of Life. It makes me forgot why we are even here.

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Jesus doesn't show up to our day in a toga with Jesus sandals. I'm guessing he thinks that's hilarious. Dude- that's so 30 AD, he would say to us with a gentle pat on the back, with eyes so kind they feel like home. He can't really show up in a physical Jesus form- like in the movies or something. 

I think he shows up as a song, when we realize for just a moment we are at complete peace. Our windows are down and the music brings us to a place so beautiful it almost feels like pain. He shows up in a cashier that wants to have an interaction with us but we are busy with the distractions of life so we never connect. He shows up as a homeless woman you don't want to make eye contact with- and what she really needs isn't our quarter or dollar. She doesn't need us to judge what she will do with the money she gathers. It is our job to look her in the eye and not be afraid of her need. It's our job to offer her a smile, and maybe if you are comfortable- a word of encouragement. Her journey is hard. We do not know it. We know connection and compassion though- and that also means we must share it.

Here's the deal. You are busy, I know. We too. Every last one of us. But we must make time for what matters most to us. We can't say friendship or God or marriage or health or mental well being is important to us - if we aren't doing a single thing to contribute to that pot. We pour time into the things most important to us. What are you pouring your time into?

How much of life do we spend so distracted that we don't even notice Jesus in line at the grocery store? As a society we are so distracted from what matters most. Filling our empty with crap that doesn't matter and only grows that empty bigger. I think we are all desperate to remember how to listen again.

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Turn off the phone. Turn off the TV. Turn off the constant thinking and doing and guilting and busying. Pull out a notebook grab an actual pen and number 1-5. What matters most to you in the world? That is what we should be pouring more time into- those five things.

How do you want others to describe you? If you were writing the ideal story of a girl or boy named you- what would your character do? What would she focus on? Is the real you doing the same thing?

Why not?

My mantra this week- invest in the things, people and activities that also invest in you.


  1. O Friend! I am doing this, because I want to know "why not", too. More later.
    xoxoxo Miracle

  2. Thank you for this post!! You are so right!

  3. Chrissy, I just wanted to come back and say this post is still following me around in my head ( in a good way). Thank you.
    I think that is probably true for a number of readers. So...don't judge the impact of a post soley by the number of comments. I think this one left us not knowing what to say but having plenty to think about. Love to you!

  4. If one of the purposes of a "blog post" is to make it's reader think.... Job well done.