Tuesday, May 10, 2016

whispers from God

Some magical scenes from our backyard tonight...

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I asked God to help me provide words to those of you struggling...these are for you. 

I am so proud of you. What you are doing isn't easy, but it's right. Most people couldn't do what you are doing. You are not most people. Wade through the agony of the in between. Why do you think you need to know all the answers right now? That's a lie your mind tells yourself.

All you need to know is today. Today you can do.

You think you are not the right person for this job, that you are not cut out for it. I picked you because you are perfect for it actually. TRUST ME. You are so good at it. Give yourself a chance. You can't see how beautiful your story is, because you are telling yourself lies. Tell yourself a better story. Pretend that I wrote every word of your current life into existence on purpose- because it's true. Don't ask why me. Figure it out- why you. Why I chose you to
live this tale. Be proud of your story. Not because it's easy or perfect or all good, but because it's real. Because you can go to bed every night and say "I tried. I loved. I do what I hope is right."

That is enough. You are enough. Even in the places you feel empty. Even in the places you feel like too much.

Sometimes loving causes more pain than pain can. Loving can ache and twist and turn your gut inside out. Put your hand on the outside of your heart. It's still there, it's beating. Welcome to your life. I knew I could trust you with this story. I am so proud of you.

You are allowed to be frustrated and angry at times. You do not need my permission to be human. Human away. Big things are required to make big change. You did nothing wrong. Feel no shame, no regrets, no fear, no intimidation. I will guide you daily. Listen for me.

Make no mistake, this will be uncomfortable. You will learn new skills from this journey. You will find enough courage for the day each day. You do not believe its in there, but trust me, it is.

I made you. I know. I put it in there.

Don't look for normal. Look for your normal- it's different than you expected. Be faithful to the process, but surrender the outcome. Do not think about tomorrow. Do not think about the past if it makes you sad. Just live in this moment. And in this moment, you are ok. Dig deep and find the courage and strength that's already there. I promise you will laugh again.

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(thank you so much for this incredible sign, JB. It's God's work on earth.xoxo)


  1. Needed these words. So glad that God chose you to be the messenger. <3 Been struggling with anxiety lately - no reason I can put my finger on, been in much more stressful situations & all... yet, sooooo anxious. Trying to live the words you wrote, but I think I needed to "hear" them from outside me. So thank you very much for writing them and sharing them. <3

  2. Saying "thank you" seems insufficient for the gift of these words. I'll say it anyway. Thank you, Chrissy. Wish you were my neighbor.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you. These whispers made ALL the difference for me today.

  5. Thank you for these words. I needed to be reminded that God put me on this Earth and He is with me every day.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I have two kids on the spectrum and About a month and a half ago my youngest started screaming at everything. Even when he's offered one of his favorite things, like ice cream. I know that he's trying to gain some control over his life, and doesn't know how to communicate what he's feeling in words. He really needs 110% of my focus and attention. But then there's my 4 year old that needs that same 110%, is entering kindergarten and starting to realize that other kids aren't always that nice to her. There are so many people trying to tell me what to do and how to feel about my kids. It's exhausting. I love them so much, and just hope their lives can be happy ones. Your posts make me feel like someone else understands. I try to cherish the happy moments when I can. Your words encourage me to do this. Thank you!

  7. Thank You! I needed to hear that today.And thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. They bring me peace and joy.

  8. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on March 25th. Having dealt with speech apraxia that mimicked a spectrum disorder for most of his 12 years, we knew he was a warrior and that we would get through this too. Tonight, all of it became really overwhelming. My dad had just read your blog post and told me to read it. I can't thank you enough. God has used your words to comfort at least 2 people in this world and I'm sure so many more. Thank you.