Friday, December 15, 2017

my dream

Today is my birthday, and there's only one thing I want. But I just don't know how to get it. I think if we work together, it can happen in time. That is my prayer.
I think about the great Dr. Martin Luther King all the time. King used the power of words and acts of nonviolent resistance to achieve seemingly impossible goals. I think about his words, his heart, his brave mission. His family. His ideals that cost him his life. And all he wanted was equality. Thinking about that is gutting. I read his "I have a Dream" speech several times a year. It literally makes me sob out loud.
I think about the equal rights I have simply because I am white, and I am a typical learner. I took these rights for granted until I became a proud mother to two boys with autism. And suddenly my eyes were opened to a stark reality of inequality for some. Simply because of the way they were born. Separate but equal is still not equal. Especially when the separate is so not equal.
I think about the peace that's been stolen from my family, relentlessly fighting for School District equality the past two years. This is not a teacher issue. It's a top down issue of culture and the belief that we are all deserving of an individualized education, and the resources and training to achieve that.

So today I channel Dr. King's brave words. I have a dream that our children would be judged on the content of their heart, their soul and their unshakable resilience. Not on their IQ, their unwanted behaviors, the additional resources they need to achieve equality, their diagnosis or their classroom placement. They are some of the most incredible humans on earth, living in a place that doesn't always understand them.
I have a favor? Please help me share these words. Regardless of color or creed or neurological differences, we are all equal members of the human family.
So much love,
Chrissy Kelly


  1. Happy Birthday and may your dream come true!!!

  2. Such beautiful words! I will definitely share them because you are right, ALL of our children deserve the right to be treated as the amazing, incredible human beings that they are. I just recently discovered your blog and so appreciate you sharing your words, thoughts and advocacy! Happy birthday!

  3. happy new year chrissy, hope your family is enjoying the winter holidays. best wishes for a healthy 2018 and thank you for your blog, it is such a meaningful gift for your readers. xoxo

  4. hi chrissy, missing you and your posts. hope all is going well with the homeschooling. I'm sure you're even busier these days! sending you and your family love, strength, resilience, and silliness.

  5. Hi there,
    Came here after reading your article on autism Speaks. I can relate to everything you’ve said in this article. I hope home schooling is going good for you guys. I’m a mom with a 6 yr old son on spectrum. We recently pulled out our son from the public school as they were of no help. Wishing you luck in everything.