Wednesday, June 13, 2018

choose your own adventure

I received a message on social media the other day from Christina Tetreault, a reporter with our local television news station, asking if she could do a story on my blog. I’m honestly always so stinking honored when someone wants to hear our story- and even better, when they turn around and then share that story with others. Parenting Greyson and Parker, and sharing words with others is my life's work, and the more people I can reach, the better.

It's so important to me that when discussing autism, the story told is one that is empowering for not only my boys, but for all autistic people. I'm an optimist by design. The glass is always half full, and I'm going to drink it and be grateful for that water. If I need more water, I'm not gonna sit around and wait for it to rain. Is raising two boys with autism easy? Hell no. Parenting alone is challenging, and when you add Special Needs to the mix, it can bring you to your knees at times. There are times I cry and ache and feel so completely alone. But first and foremost- autism isn't about me. It's about my boys. They are the actual ones that have to work so hard to navigate this neurotypically designed world. I would never speak about them, or their autism in ways that I wouldn't want my husband, or someone I loved to speak of me. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I would be gutted and angry if my husband went on social media and talked about how awful it was ON HIM. My boys are amazing and resilient and that's the perspective I love to share.

I'm excited to share the story with you. CLICK HERE TO WATCH. 

A big thank you to Christina, she did such a good job sharing a small slice of our world. The camera just LOVES her and I can't wait to see all the places she'll go with her stories. And I'm sure this story she did will give hope to someone just beginning the autism portion of their life. Or just give hope to someone who is starting something new and is just plain scared and not sure they can do it. She’s so sweet, when she left, Parker even hugged her all on his own doing. He doesn’t do that ever.

We can’t choose the circumstances in our life, but we always have the power to choose how we feel about them. We have the power to tell our own story to the world. 


  1. LOVED the video. Should have been longer!!! All your words touched my heart and it was meaningful. I have a 13 year old son with Autism.

  2. This newscaster did an amazing piece. Enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing honestly and universally. This is a great, great place....this blog.

  3. Great report! I hope that many more people can be blessed by your words and by Greyson and Parker's journeys.