Wednesday, July 18, 2018

random stream of consciousness

The sooner you realize
Your life circumstances are on purpose (yep, even the crap ones.)
The happier you will be


You can hate them
And fight them
And blame them for your unhappiness

You can find excuses to stay stuck
You will prove yourself right
See! No one would be OK in this life.

And that becomes burdensome truth.

However, the sooner you let go
The sooner you will find

I swore I wouldn't complain about the heat. Because Summer is so much my favorite that I want to marry it. So instead I will complain about boob sweat, and the fact that my car steering wheel is so hot it could fry an egg. It feels too hot to go swimming. Today I stupidly wore jeans, and I was so hot that before Grey had Speech Therapy, we stopped and bought me some new light weight linen pants at TJ Maxx which I then immediately changed into in the parking lot. I swear they are even cooler than shorts, so I might just wear them for a week at a time. If you see me wearing them daily, don't bring this up.

We've been continuing our plan of Summering our faces off.

Parker one morning before heading out for Behavior Therapy.  Carrying just the bare necessities: An Eiffel Tower, a Yo Gabba Gabba Boom Box and a guitar.  He's so Steve Martin in The Jerk.

Recently I took Grey to Toys R Us to show him it is closed. He would tell us, "Let's go to Toys R Us" 3,456 times a day. Telling him they were closed didn't make any difference, so I showed him. He was surprisingly chill about it. Now he only asks 20 times a day, so I call that progress. (insert laughing emoji here.) Grey also knows most good things in life comes from Amazon Prime anyway. A few kind folks have told me that the one on the other side of town hasn't closed yet, but I'm going to leave that coffin lid closed!

Sometimes we all need a reminder that something is over. Closed for business. No more. Especially if repeated thoughts about it aren't serving you. The more we think about it, the more we keep it alive. Yes, we can multi-task and do a million things at once. But there is only a finite amount of time to think each day. Why waste it on fear, anger, remorse and regret? When you find yourself going down that thinking path, think of something you are passionate about instead. 

Think good thoughts. You deserve it. Stay cool my friend.


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  1. Love The Jerk! I'm picking out a thermos for you...not an ordinary thermos will do...