Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Greyson,
Every day I think about the lessons you will learn from life...Some of them I will teach you, some I wish you didn't have to learn...If you are anything like your mother, you will have the patience of a gnat. I'm pretty great at starting new things..coming up with a plan and executing it. I'm also good at finishing up a project. Tieing up all the loose ends. Sitting back afterwards with that "Ahhhhhh" smugness that only comes with accomplishment. It's the middle that causes me to furrow my brow in the most despicable way....I'm in that slump right now. Paralyzed with inaction. I hate the middle sometimes. I'm not talking about the "I wish this day would never end" middle. I'm talking about the - how much longer do I need to hold on? I want to be finished. I want to know the answers, RIGHT NOW PLEASE. I'm ready to start the next project.
We are waiting for our house to sell so we can move away from this heavenly piece of perfection in Hermosa Beach, to start a new and heavenlier life...but we can't until we sell the house. And starting March 1st we have no daycare...and no other option for you currently...and I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna make something happen in the next week...and until we sell the house, daddy has to be gone Monday through Friday. And, it's hard for all of us. Sometimes I have to remember to see the rainbows and focus on the beauty of this journey. Knowing that we are on the journey together makes it oh so sweet though. Really. Mondays are tough though, and today is Monday and I feel it in my tired bones. Usually by the time Thursday rolls around I've figured out my pace, I'm confident and positive and remembering just how lucky I am to have so much. I focus on the fact that this time in our lives is so temporary. I remind myself that this in between time is still full of beautiful firsts, of sunny days, of afternoon naps, and walks with Jack and Belle.
So as you grow up, I'm starting to learn how sweet it is in the middle.
Love, Love, Love,
Here's some more shots of the adventures we've had while we're passing the time...

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