Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our perfect Day

I decided today that "perfect" is sooo last year. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't even close to perfect last year, but I sure did agonize over attaining it. This is the year of "just how it is", Grey. Do you know why? Because this year there are so many other important things for us to focus on. Adventures to go on, foods to try, things to learn, people to meet--and we sure can't let trying to be perfect get in the way of our real fun while we are enjoying the real stuff.
Today was perfect, in the new sense of the word. Today we had adventures together and it was just like I had always imagined it would be to have a little boy....but

better. Sure, anyone can have fun at Disney World, or on a magical vacation, but the Kelly's can have fun doing nothing, as long as we are together.
We started out the day with an impromptu photo shoot, outside, with no pants on (you, not me) Isn't that awesome? My little leprechaun.
I'm loving dad's new Christmas present from us, our Canon camera. I can't wait to learn to use the bells and do-dads.
You took a super long nap. Then you and I drove to Pink Berry for some frozen yogurt. I'm sure you know, YOGURT IS MY FAVORITE! I was so excited to let you try some for the first time. I put the spoon in your mouth, with just a tad bit of yogurt on it, ready to exult in the beauty of the face you were surely to make! But immediately afterwards, you buried your face in my shoulder and I couldn't see your expression! You seemed to enjoy the frozen concoction after that and I know before long you will demand your very own swirled goodness. Then we went and dropped off the dry cleaning in a nice and fancy super easy, drive through cleaners so you could remain cozy in your car seat. Then we drove with the windows down listening to our favorite music, singing and enjoying the warm February California sunshine. It was bliss. We went to one of my favorite places to be, a bookstore where we sat on the floor while I searched for my newest book.
As we waited in line I was so proud to have you slung perfectly and casually over my arm. I was the mom and you were that adorable baby in front of someone in line, just trying to get you smile. And when you did (after they worked for it) you made their whole day. I love to watch the way you make other people light up, my little man.
The best part of today is that I know we have a good 30-40 years of random, fun adventures ahead of us. I can't wait.

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