Friday, October 22, 2010

bed time

Now that I get to be with you all day, without commercial interruption, the bedtime ritual is mostly reserved for Dad's enjoyment. He comes home from work and that man does it all...walks the dogs, gives you your bath and gives you your last bottle as he rocks you to sleep. Tonight, I got to do the rocking....and I drank up every last bit of it. I swear to you, sometimes it feels like a religious experience.....the only light we see is from the moon, seeping in from the window, your sweet music is playing in the background and we snuggle in tight. You are all warm and soft and sweet smelling after your bath. After you drain your bottle, you curl into my chest--and if anything isn't right in the Universe- it is forgotten at that moment. Now that you are a big boy, I don't get to hold you tight during the day, so our night time snuggle is extra important now.
Good Night, Big Boy, Baby Boy, Grey

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