Thursday, November 18, 2010

I heart Greyson

I google'd "I love Greyson" to see what came up. Surely the Universe has written about the Momma, Chrissy Kelly, who may not be perfect....but loves her son more than the stars and the sky and the Universe combined plus a million infinity.
I'm feeling like a bad mom lately. I'm so tired...all....the....time....sometimes all I can do is turn on Nick Jr. and sit and watch with you. Longing to find just the right message to tell my feet so they will get motivated enough to go outside in the chilly November air and take you to the park. It's tough work, growing a little baby, and some days I know you feel the stir craziness results of it all. Today I'm on round 2 of a sinus infection that never really went away from last month. You were a trooper as you entertained yourself at Urgent Care with me, most likely just content with the fact that it wasn't you getting poked on. Despite the low-key life we've been living, you remain content and thrive. It's amazing how little you need. You are working hard at entertaining yourself in our new house in new and delightful ways. You are a talking madman. "More", "Truck", "Chip", "Bye-Bye" (all as translated by Mom). I jump up and down and clap as you make your one word, one syllable statements of declaration. You carry your sippy cup and place it under the water dispenser and tell me, "more", and as the water flows quickly and happily, so does my pride.
Busy, busy growing...moved into our new home, Halloween...Christmas card photos, and with you it is all magic. This year will challenge us in new and exciting ways. PhotobucketPhotobucket


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