Wednesday, December 22, 2010

18 months

I find it impossible to believe now, but there will come a day that I won't remember what the 18 month old Greyson was up to. I'm talking about the little stuff- the sweet little things that only a momma or a poppa can know.

Your day starts at about 6:30am. Dad and I take turns waking up with you. When it's my turn, after I wipe the cobwebs from my eyes and beg the Universe to let me sleep just a few more minutes, I walk into your room where I happily snatch you from your crib. You get so excited when I first walk in - it makes the ungodly hour a little more manageable. After the obligatory diaper change, we head downstairs for a bottle of milk, some snuggle, and some Nick Jr.
A little bit after that you eat breakfast. We love trying new things together. Right now you like French Toast, Protein-yogurt smoothies and scrambled eggs.

Your afternoon nap comes at around 12:30pm, right after lunch. Currently you dig grilled cheese, turkey hot dogs, tofu, corn dogs, any kind of pasta, chicken stuff and mac and cheese. Vegetables? Not so much. Any of these favorites can easily make their way to your "despised" list for no reason. I just try to keep up.

As for other random things about You...You hate having things on your feet- covers, socks, jammies etc.

You've recently discovered your nose, and simultaneously discovered that your pointer finger fits perfectly "up in there". You're not quite sure what you are supposed to do once you get the finger in there, but you get this crazy smug, ear to ear smile as you watch me run towards you in slow motion saying, "No, Greyson, Get your finger out of there!" I'm realizing the more attention I give you for it, the more you love doing it, so instead I turn my head to hide my laughter and let you have your moment.

You also love, love, love my belly. I can't believe how much you love my belly. You shyly lift up my shirt so you can rub the budda, where they you switch back and forth between patting my stomach and hugging it as tight as you can. It really makes me realize that you know magic is happening in there as we speak.Photobucket

In the evening you get your bath from dad where you become a wild and crazy fish. You rock the tub with your water toys and splash as much water as you can in a 20 minute span. This leaves us time for one last bottle and a 6:30pm bedtime.

And that, my friend, is a day in the life of you.

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