Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Life

The Marathon is really over...that fact is truly setting in now. I ran across the finish line and the prize was placed directly in my arms. I experienced a flood of feelings that were felt and forgotten soon after, 2 years ago with Greyson. Overwhelming exhaustion and a significant searing doubt in my mothering abilities filled me with anxiety and fear. Two under 2! What was I thinking?! That compiled with the fact that Greyson wasn't President of the Parker Fan Club, or the the Mommy Fan Club anymore for that matter, caused some tears to be shed...his and mine. But that's OK, because it was exactly where we needed to be to get to where we are today, and where we are pretty darn good...
The metal warming blanket was immediately placed on my shoulders, I rehydrated and now I am back to life. I am currently cruising down Newborn Lane and I am loving the view. On my current Fave's list?

Sleep Grins

Sweet little perfect toes

Baby Stretches

And...smooth glowy eyelids, Gremlin noises, and rapid shallow breathing. If only the camera could capture just how sweet you smell.

I can't believe I'm going on this journey again, and I no longer mean that in the "what was I thinking" way. And this time I know more of what I have to look forward to. We are so lucky.
Even though we are going through growing pains, we still have many blissful moments each and every day.
You, cracking Dad and I up- wearing his 10-lb shoes

I love you so much, my first born baby boy and big brother

Grey, your Independence thrives. You are chatting and doing more and more. You like to do things yourself, sans help from mom and dad. Your tenacity is a beautiful force that will always serve you well. You are getting used to your baby brother, and by now have figured out he's not going back to where he came from. You enjoy swinging him in his swing (we are working on the term "gentle" because the swinging is a bit on the rough side), and now instead of swatting him away, you like to give him a hug (again, we're working on gentle.) when we bring him near you. As you adjust to Parker's presence, every day normal life goes on.

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