Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me Time

My eyes are half closed as I sit at my computer and edit pictures...relaxed...listening to music. Alone for the first time in a couple of days. It is 8:53pm and it feels like midnight. I keep checking the time on my phone thinking that clearly it must be broken.

I've been deep in the 5% for the past two days because Michael has been out of town. I feel like I went clubbing all night and rolled in at 5am. Last night Parker woke up at 11:30, Greyson at 3:30 and then not to be outdone Parker again at 4:50. I spent time in each boys bed at some point last night...yes....a grown woman....gets into a crib in the middle of the night sometimes because at the time it seems to make sense. Funny-right?

Posts often write themselves when I go running. I need that feet to pavement friction to clear my head of the clutter that accumulates. My breathing starts sporadic and then calmly flows into a systematic pattern of inhales and exhales. My muscles tighten and relax without thought...without concentration...Every piece of the machine knows what to do. Running helps me make sense of my day. It helps me focus on what I want to focus on in life. Without it, I am not OK.

I haven't run for two days and my brain is in some serious need for Activia. Luckily listening to music on my computer and editing is a close second best and I find that with a little brain oil, the clicks on the keyboard increase in frequency.

Being a single Mom for the past two days helped me realize that First, I am a horrible single mother...Second, I drink way too much caffeine...and Third... I need daily alone time.

Me time.

We must make time for ourselves. I know, at times it seems like such a huge chore, and for me I often tell myself it's just easier to not take it. I hate feeling like a 16 year old asking for my parent's permission when I ask my husband, "Honey, is it OK if I go by myself to Target tonight?" But such is the life of a lady who has itty bitties....and so I smile and suck it up and I ask. I will ask more. I owe it to myself and to my kids to take it. When I do- I am a much better Momma.

I think we should all take a little time to ourselves today. On purpose alone time. Not "run to Target alone" alone time but real alone time....a pedicure...or a bath....reading a book in the park... Even If you have to play swapsies with your spouse- "Hey how about the next 30 minutes I watch the kids and you do whatever you want-and then it's my turn!"

Yes, I think we should all try that. What do you think?

Greyson has been doing extra fantastic in ABA and speech therapy this week. Greyson gets about 27 hours/week of ABA -Applied Behavior Analysis -and 2 hours of ABA based speech therapy every week. We weave therapy into every waking moment of every day. Dude has a full time job. Early Intervention has been KEY in the many strides Greyson makes daily. If you have any concerns about your child- bring them up to your child's physician today. Don't wait for your next well baby visit. Ask your pediatrician to give you the MCHAT, Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers. Do NOT accept answers like, "Many boys are late talkers" or "Let's wait until they are 2 and keep an eye on them".

I think Grey must have read my previous post when I wrote that I just wished he would say a sentence to me and he felt bad so he has been kicking it up a notch. I can't tell you what happens to my heart when I see him noticing his environment in new ways. I can practically hear his neurons reconnecting. Today I was taking pictures of him coloring, and all of the sudden he jumps up and runs towards me...
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He was holding my lens cap..and was coming to put it on my camera...I didn't even know he knew what my lens cap was or where it went for that matter. I think it's his little way of "telling" me, "Momma...don't give up on me ever...Keep thinking anything is possible". See the marker on his face and even a little on his shirt? That makes me happy...it means he's doing a great job playing....getting dirty...being a boy. We often cover the table in packing paper so he can color whenever he wants. It's one of his favorite things to do.

While I was upstairs changing Parker today I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard the familiar motor start downstairs....
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He found where I had (poorly) hidden the bubble machine and turned it on...in the pantry...

Funny....looking over these pictures and talking to you has already got me missing them. You know that feeling- you can't wait to FINALLY be alone at night...and you finally get it, and suddenly you wish you could go into their room and snuggle with them for just a minute? Yep, that's exactly what I'm feeling. I'm watching them on their monitors....They are my favorite Reality show...

Today, let's all take a lesson from the Brand name of Greyson's Special cookies.
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