Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everything including the kitchen sink

I figured we would grow old together...I thought we would last forever. I've heard of it happening to other people, but I never thought it would be me.

So many memories... I think about our time together and I wonder....what will my future look like now?

At Greyson's school open house tonight I bent down to get a picture of 4 adorable and wiggly boys who were being perfect and not wiggly and riiiiiipppppp. Apparently Parker's First Birthday Party on Saturday night -complete with 2 burgers, eleventy-hundred fries, 2 sprinkles cupcakes and Parker's Punch went straight to my butt.

(Man- now I know I'm tired. I just yelled down to Michael, "What year is it?" and he said- "Why do you keep asking me that?" This is bad for three reasons...1. This is the 1st time I remember asking him that (not good). 2. People should know the year. 3. I asked because I realized I wrote it incorrectly on the picture above. The pants just died tonight. The year is 2012. Remind me if I forget again.)

As you can see, they didn't get just a cute little tear. They full on rippppppeeeeeddddd. I stayed frozen on the ground, took a few pictures (because I'm not going to let a little thing like a naked butt stop me from getting a great picture) and then stood up (with my backside to the wall) and announced it to the two Momma's next to me. I'm lucky they were my type of people. They had my back(side!!) and were about to help me come up with a get-away plan when I realized my shirt was long enough to pull over my exposed goods.

Man, Did I love these pants. They played an integral role in last Summer's Mom uniform...the perfect blend of linen and cotton. A light stoney-tan color....loose in all the right places...casual yet put together... They were my transition-after-Parker's birth pants. I will miss them so.

Here they were before...
Goodbye friend...I'm sorry you didn't rip just on the seam so I could bring you back to life.

While we are having this heart to heart, I must admit that I lied to you about something...

I said this...but I lied...

I would need this too on the island...and probably some chips too. Corn Salsa may sound strange to you- it did to me- until I tried it. It is amazing. (Thank you Wendy for making the introduction!!) I make sure it comes up in conversation at least once a day. I would put it on my morning cereal if I had cereal in the morning. If you live anywhere near a Trader's Joes- go there NOW.

Things like Open-houses and Christmas Plays always make me feel like a card carrying parent. I totally dig them.

Clearly I will be able to retire early with these abstract painting skills

Grey's future is SO BRIGHT!

Today on the way home from picking Greyson up from preschool, we got rear-ended exiting the freeway. I almost had a heart attack. Both of my sweet bitties are perfectly fine and I am so grateful! I didn't think "Oh, I am so unlucky I got in a car accident." I thought, "I am so LUCKY that I got into a small fender bender and clearly Angels wrapped my boys & my car in Bubble tape and we are safe."

It truly made me realize that on the really bad days, the ones where my brain hurts and I am in a funk- nothing really that bad usually happens....and today- a day when things were non-stop and a little stressful where there were rears exposed and rears-ended- I feel happy and grateful. Life is so much about our attitude about what happens...and not what actually happens. I need to write that on the inside of my hand like a gradeschooler...and remind myself daily.

And like the title promised...

THANK YOU 10!!! New Members who signed up today. Holy Cow! Is that all I needed to do- tell you how to sign up?! Well that makes sense! I should have done that a long time ago. (In case you're new here-to sign up- go to a computer (not your mobile) click on the blue box on the right side that says, "Join this Site" and it's easy from there. Now I have 149! I love it!!! Help me make it to 150 today!!! Pretty please. 150 is such a pretty number. Stats show me that anywhere from 300-400 people are reading this blog daily. I wonder about you- reader friends that haven't said hello yet....your story....our connection. I really do!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. You made me smile! Have a great day!

  2. The pants R.I.P. :(

    The! I have a friend who framed four of her child's abstracts and hung them in her hall and they are great!

    So thankful your rear ender was not bad......we had two wrecks around her in 3 days and no injuries so I know what you mean by being thankful!

    The kitchen sink? Well, it sure is clean!!! I, too, often look at how many people visit my blog and never comment. It makes me wonder! :)
    Have a great weekend.