Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow Down

Today I have a gift for you, friend. We all need a little extra inspiration on Mondays.

Life goes so fast...but today... we don't have to.

Today I give you permission to slow down...
Notice the details.

I love having baby on hip and feeling his arm curl around mine like this. He does it as soon as I pick him up.

Taste the coffee...Feel the shower droplets...listen to the words...maybe even sing along...enjoy the drive. Remember how awesome and exciting it was to drive when you first turned 16?....look for that feeling.
Today, enjoy the process...focus on the getting there...not the being there.

Today- No rushing. No worrying. No stressing. Call and tell them you are going to be 5 minutes late and take your time.

Treat yourself...stop for coffee... buy yourself something good... Don't even worry about it- I said it's OK.

No rushing, no panicking, no smack talking yourself today. "Why did I do that?" "Why didn't I leave earlier?" "Why did I wear these dumb pants?" Tell your brain to get in on this slow down action. Brain- I don't need you to talk to me at every waking moment today. You can take a rest. Let's both enjoy the silence. No Jedi mind tricks today. Brain--I said Shhhhhhhh.

Slow down and stop competing....with yourself... If we aren't comparing ourselves to others, we are often comparing ourselves to ourselves..."Yesterday I ran 4 miles and today I can barely make it through 2." "I was much better last time, last year, last try..." I've said it before and I will say it again and again and again. Do your best today. Our best is different every day. It's OK to ebb and yin and yang...That doesn't mean don't try your just means accept what you are offering. Sometimes my best is so darned good and happy and covetable...and sometimes it is...tired...lacking soul...without umpffff. That's OK. That is our minds way of plugging in... refueling....storing up for one of those awesome -everything I touch turns to gold type days.

Today, don't cry over spilled chips...

Instead, enjoy them...

Enjoy the ride today.

Sometimes we will be driving and Greyson sees something out the window and he just wants to jump out of his carseat he gets so excited. It makes me laugh out loud. I'm dieing to know...what's going on in there?

This one doesn't like the carseat nearly as much...

I kid you not, my Greyson balloon came down....and somehow found another balloon friend... and they keep winding up in the same room together. Small miracle number 203. 

Saturday night Greyson and I went for a late night walk to look for the moon. (He's still not potty trained. It was crazy hot here over the weekend and it was too hot for pants...hence- Plex underwear!!)


We splashed in puddles...we layed down in the middle of the street and we looked at the stars...

We looked for lights.

While we were on our neighbors front walk- they opened the door and came out and were just looking at me- like...'Yes?"....I said to them, "Hi...we are looking for the moon." And suddenly realized how ridiculous I sounded....and there was silence...And then they said, "So, did you need something?" And then I realized what had happened....All of the doorbells on our street light up light this...
Greyson can't not ring them. 

Yep, turns out he rang the door bell and then ran right back to me and I didn't even notice. And when we all realized what had happened, we all started laughing. My boy is a prankster and he doesn't even know it.

I know it's a Monday and all...but have a great day. the exception...not the rule. Slow down.


  1. I got 2 hours of sleep and had Levi at the ER last night with another bout of croup & difficulty breathing. Today, we are enjoying the day & drinking in the goodness. Great post to go along with our perspective here for the day.

  2. Love the pics in this post, well evy post, but they are just gorgeous in this one. You captured them beautifully.

  3. I vow to do something fun tomorrow for no reason at all......thank you!

  4. Since I love looking at the stars, I think everyone should take their child out on a dark night and just gaze at the stars! Good advice and good plan!

    1. I love you ALL for your comments!!! I think tonight I will lay on my driveway and take a look at the stars by myself tonight. You are NEVER too old for that!