Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home away from Home

Tonight's post will be short-ish...and sweet? Well, that's up to you to decide. Some days I go to hit "publish" on a blog post (this whole deal is called a "blog"- each specific entry is called a "post" in case you were wondering) and I think to myself...Wow, Chrissy...tonight you were really...off. The words may not always flow...The fingers don't always burst like fire crackers striking the keys...The adjectives don't always sit in the front row and raise their hand and yell out, "Pick me! Pick me!" But it never fails, those times I'm feeling sorry for my less than stellar performance, one of you will write me...you will tell me how much you needed to hear what I wrote. You will find a message in the rough and you will connect...even though we may live Worlds away. (By the way- after the US the top three countries reading this blog are Russia, Germany and the UK. I would love to hear from you! Email me at kellyc43@gmail.com). You didn't care about flow and descriptive words...you saw through to my heart...and even when the words don't flow...the heart is always, always there.

Mondays bring all sorts of adventures when you are living in Life with Greyson + Parker. Every Monday morning we have preschool at our house- We call it 2U because all the kids are 2 years old. The wonderful teacher is courtesy of The State's Early Intervention Program. They bring the best art projects and passion for all the itty bitties that come to 2U. We now have about 6  Typical kids and their Mommas coming...and that plus Greyson and Parker and other siblings turns my house into something that makes me so happy and so proud to be a Momma. I still have to pinch myself when I realize...Wow...I'm old enough to have kids. When did that happen? I do this every Monday because I want Greyson to learn how to interact with other kids in a way that is comfortable for him- but also out of his comfort zone. I will do everything I can to help him....and I mean that statement in more than just words. I've have found the best way to challenge Autism is through a mix of conventional, tried and true menthods like Speech Therapy and Behavior Therapy- and some out of the box thinking-things that we do daily- like 2U. At 2U have free play, art, circle time, snack, we sing, we hear stories... The kids learn a lot, and so do the Mommas. When I first stepped into the World of Autism, I was so scared. All I had really heard about was the scary stuff. How hard it is on the family, on your marriage, on the siblings...how hard you have to advocate...how tough it is...how expensive it is...how horrible IEPs are...assessments...
Like I said before...perhaps some of that stuff is true...perhaps all of it is true for some people... I think that's the important part to take notice of...whether you are dealing with a Spectrum Kid or not...Everyone handles things differently in life...everyone focuses on different things... I don't bleed rainbows- my life isn't always hunky dory...sometimes it's harder than I think I can manage for a moment...but often times- it actually is hunky dory...and so I focus on that. I never would have even thought of doing something like preschool at my house if I didn't have a Spectrum Kid. He enriches our life. He has shown me a new way to think. It has made me go out of my comfort zone too, and that makes me better. I am here on Earth to learn...Learning new things makes me feel alive.

Old comforts make me feel alive too. Something about a high school track feels like home to me. I went to one by my house after doing a photo shoot this evening. Lately the 6pm sun has been simply divine.

It's funny because there are things in my life I must change up every so often to avoid being bored... but sometimes I crave repitition.. same old thing, over and over again...

That's the great thing about the track...I get to do the same lap, over and over again...my mind can get lost in the movement because I don't have to focus on direction...and then my mind can think and process and then my mind can just feel...



Here I am laughing because I realized I just asked a very intoxicated grounds keeper, "Will you take my picture?" and then I bent down and put my butt in his face...awkward...seriously...what was I thinking?!

Before I moved to Los Angeles I lived in St. Louis...home of the Arch and Imos Pizza and awesome people. (I went to St. Joseph's Academy (Freshman-Junior year) and Webster Groves Highschool my Senior year. That's the question you ask people no matter your age in St. Louis... "Where did you go to highschool?") I remember walking with my friends Shayne and Amy at the local highschool track, night after many a' night... Doing our laps around the track, we would talk and solve all of the World's problems. That was one of my favorite times of my life. I love the track...Sometimes it's nice to not actually be going somewhere specific...sometimes it's nice to just go...

I hope you have a place like that...a home away from home. And if you do, I hope you go there...and if you don't have one...I hope you find one...

Time to go edit some pictures...Thank you for stopping by.


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  1. Fun. I went to Pattonville (b/c I know you wanted to ask). Never was a fan of Imo's, but I love me some Lion's Choice!