Thursday, July 19, 2012


I'm constantly amazed by how rich in symbolism the Universe is...Sometimes it all comes down to the recognition of sweet little details...The day after the rain comes, the sky is unbelievably beautiful and clear... And each day is bookended by the sun rising and setting... And the birth of a precious little child is amazing and probably a little scary too...and that's what makes me think that maybe even dieing is pretty amazing too. God pays attention to the details. He takes care of us. He brings things full circle.

I believe that Autism isn't the only thing on a Spectrum... I believe there are many different versions and variations in Life, politics and even God. Sometimes the little details aren't long as the outcome is the same...I don't think there is any one correct way to believe. It just needs to be in a way that feels good in your soul and feels like you. I certainly don't need you to believe exactly what I do.

It is my personal belief that God is just as much in the sunset as He is in the Bible...

Just as much in the mountains as He is in a Church...


We live by the Sierra Nevadas- a 400 mile long mountain range that runs between California and Nevada. Today the view to them was clear after the morning rain. And although it isn't the beach, it is still amazing. Today I am trying to notice the details...and in doing so I realized how amazing they really are.


There's more than one way to look at something. To draw out inspiration from where we see fit.

I frequently hand out Life With Greyson stickers when I am out. Last Friday when we went to the beach in Hermosa I saw a few Moms I thought about handing them to but was too tired to figure out what to say when I handed it to them....and on Saturday when we were back at the beach, I saw a few more Moms...and many of them had strollers just like mine...and I thought- I should totally hand them a sticker....

I'm still trying to get my shtick down...I saw one particular Momma and I thought- She looks like she could be my people...I should give her a sticker...So I approached her...and said something to the effect of...Hey! I have a Bob stroller's a sticker for a blog I write...{oh wait...I don't want her to think it's a blog about Bob Strollers} It's not a blog about Bob strollers's a Mom should check it out...

And if I said anything after that I don't remember because I was in my head telling myself...Why did you say that? You sounded like such a Moran. But God was in the details, Friend...and on the pier in Hermosa Beach that sweet Mom said to me- I read your blog... And although I believe in coincidences, I certainly don't think that was a coincidence at all... And I'm still pretty blown away by it...and I didn't realize it at the time, but I later found out- this Momma has a kid with Spectrum Super Powers too... And that double blows me away...maybe even triple... and it's not the first time that something crazy random and good like that has happened...not even the second time...God was clearly on the Pier in Hermosa that day...Heck, I bet he was even surfing.

On Mondays I usually don't know my head from my Tuesdays I remember how to streamline my life and things flow a little Wednesday- I've figured it all out... I spin numerous plates at once---while I'm juggling balls...and get a little cocky because I figured out this thing called Life...and then by Thursday- I'm tired...I talk a little...slower....forget a little more...drag.... And then by Friday- it's Friday! What do I have to worry about on Friday? And on Monday- it all starts over again.

The awesome thing about being a Mom {or a Dad...or a person in fact} that each day is a do over... each day is a new chance...a new invitation for adventure...have you RSVP'ed yet? And the great thing about human connection and words is that we all get to remind each other of that because it's so easy to forget. What do you have to worry about today....not in a week, or a month but today?

Being a Mom isn't glamorous...and it certainly isn't easy...and if you watched it like a reality show- it would be so incredibly boring...and like anything else not easy- it's also really filthy stinkin' good and times, infuriating. They push our buttons, they drive us mad...and make us laugh down to our toes...and we are so madly in love with them...that somehow at the end of the day- it all balances itself out.

So today, Thursday,  I was a little slower...even my evening jog was a little more on this side of walk. Today no amount of caffeine quite did the trick. But today was full of a fast paced schedule, a photo shoot for me and preschool for Grey....and I remember when I am busy...I feel most alive....but was nice to just go slow...and enjoy the details...

Tonight on my wog (slow jog)...we went to get eyeeeeessss.



We are looking forward to our ABA Therapy Free Friday tomorrow...and up for an adventure... If one comes along...

I'd love it if you sent me an email {} and said you would be willing to help me share Life With Greyson Stickers with the World- or even just your friends. I'm trying to change the way the World views Different- 2 eyes at a time....and I need your help...pretty please?


Have a great weekend.


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  1. As strange as it may seem, sound like every mom's week! I have no children left in the nest to run after, my kids had different problems, but even on the other side of it, there are many things to do and days when everything is clearer than others! I love your pictures.......wished we lived closer and I could take some lessons from you on how to use my big girl camera! :)) Great weekend to you and yours!