Thursday, July 12, 2012

One is Silver and the other Gold


Well hello there! Fancy seeing you here. In case you are new to this blog- that's my son Greyson... He turned 3 on June 7th. He's the whole reason this blog was born. He loves the water, Lightening McQueen, running, things with wheels, me, his Dad and his 15 month old brother, Parker.

Greyson has Autism, which I also like to call Super Powers (thanks for letting us use the term Noah's Mom). I think that we all have the ability to change the World --and this blog is my effort to change the World. To help create a love and an Awareness for a World chock full of all kinds of beautiful Different... To share my personal opinion and insight on raising a child with Super Powers...and to talk about all sorts of stuff that I hope can change not only the World- but possibly your World and make it a sweeter, riper more beautiful place to live.

I think at times we all struggle to connect with the things that make us happy....we try to figure out the perfect blend of priorities. We try to live a good life- one that makes us proud. I'm not trying to be the best writer, the best photographer, the best runner, the best Spouse, the best Mom, the best person in the World....
No one person can be all those things...That's not important to me...but I do want to be the best Me that is possible- whatever that's supposed to look like. Whatever that can look like---if I didn't put boundaries on myself. I do want to be the best at happy. Do you know what I mean? Writing helps me remember the Me I want to be...and I hope reading these words helps you remember the you -you set out to be too.

I'm happy to say in less than 6 months of sharing Life with Greyson + Parker we've had over 40,000 hits to this blog. That's awesome- right? I owe that all to you- It would have caused me a mean case of carpel tunnel if I had to do that on my own.


Pageviews by country this week so far.

See- we are changing the World. I was so excited tonight when I realized part of the blog format was edit-able. I hated the term Followers...but I love the term Friends changing the World. Are you one of them? Join this site by clicking on the blue bar on the right. I need your help changing the World. We already got the lid loosened for you.

Today was exactly the kind of day I thought all days would be like when I first started thinking about being a stay at home Mom...Perfect...Things weren't flawless...there were some naps skipped, I have a headache,  it was day 3 with Michael out of town, I didn't get to got for a run... blah blah blah.
At times I was impatient and tired...but it was such an amazing kind of day...I didn't need it to be perfect...I needed it to be real- and it was.

My awesome friend, Amy came over to swim with her darling bitties.
Adorable- right?!

And after reading today's post on Caffeine brought me Starbucks! I love her! You had me at Venti-Soy-2 pump Mocha!

I remember many years ago talking to a Mother whose son had recently become paralyzed in an accident. She told me when you are going through a hard time friends say- let me know if I can do anything...and real friends figure out what needs to be done and just come do it.... and don't forget about you after the hustle has worn down...
Those words have stuck with me through the years...isn't that so totally the truth? It's the kind of person I want to be too. I know sometimes I fall short--but I always try. The older I get the less I want to put effort into surface friendships... People shouldn't be allowed to use busy as an excuse...We are all busy...I'm never too busy for a real friend.

We all swam and played outside in between ABA'ing. (Greyson's all day Awesome therapy!)


Photo shoots: Punishment for being a Nap Skipper at my house...




Note cookie crumb bribery on his lips. 

Photo Shoots: also punishment for escaping the house.


After Grey's last teacher left at 5:30, Greyson, Parker and I went for another swim....sometimes swim trunks are so overrated.
Current teeth count for those keeping score at home: 4 1/2
Photobucket And I'm guessing over 1,000 tomatoes were sacrificed for Greyson's dinner tonight. PhotobucketQuinoa noodles are gluten free and really good. My fancy friend let me know that is pronounced "Keen- waahhhh."

Then both boys got a bath...then bed...and here I am -chatting with you. Perfect-right?

Have a great day.



  1. Hi Chrissy, I linked your blog on my post yesterday but for the life of me can't seem to get your 'button'?? I 'cut' but before I can 'paste' it comes unstuck?
    Not only do you have two gorgeous children but a very handsome distinguished looking dog!

    1. Emma- Hello! Send me an email to and I will hook you up with someone who added the button already! I'm TERRIBLE at figuring out that kind of stuff. But man oh man- I APPRECIATE you trying to add it so MUCH!!!

  2. ".... and don't forget about you after the hustle has worn down..."

    Well said!

    Also amazing photography and truly amazing how perfect of a hybrid of you two Greyson is!