Thursday, August 16, 2012

2U Reunion

Today's Vintage Life with Greyson + Parker post is called Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed.

It's about the very first session of 2U (TWO UNIVERSITY) we ever had...

When we started on this Autism Journey we enrolled in Early Intervention preschool.... It ended up not being a good fit for us and after a few months, I decided to take Grey out of that bubble...Autism is a disorder social in nature- therefore, I needed him to learn social skills from Typical that didn't stop chatting- and might take toys from him... and would get up in his face and challenge him out of the corner and out of his comfort zone... And I didn't know where I could find that for I created it...

It was such an amazing experience...having preschool at my house once a week. We started with 4 kids and ended with 7 proud graduates. The kids certainly taught me more than I could ever teach them.

Today we had a mini-2-U this one is dedicated to you- the awesome Mommas who shared their kiddos and their hearts with me...Thank you Megan, Kasey, Jenn, Liz, Andrea and Kellie.


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