Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Diary

When I first started sharing this blog, I felt so awkward exposing my feelings...

Putting them out there to people I knew, and even some I didn't...It didn't come naturally at first- I thought about it alot...but whatever it was that made me do it--whatever name you call it-Fate...God...Hope...Well, it kicked in and I was suddenly on Cruise Control. I wanted to share our life with you...a Life Living with Autism...and show you what it was really like for us... I wanted to show you that it wasn't all horrible...or all wonderful either...And show you that even though you may not have a Spectrum Kid- we may still be very much the same... and if you do have a Spectrum kid- I wanted to remind you...that it does not have to define you....because we all need that reminder sometimes.

And even though it was my choice to do it- I felt like I had left my Diary on the school bus- and some other kids got a hold of it...and were tossing it around laughing...and then they sat down to read it...But instead of reading it and then making fun of me- it was like they read it...and they totally got me...And we connected in a real and authentic way.

And you and I connected on some level too friend...Maybe you are a Parent...Maybe you are a Teacher....Maybe you have a child with Autism Super Powers... Maybe you are a thinker...a lover...a worrier...a Human here on Earth...And through boundaries separate us...we connected...

And now writing from my heart feels natural. It no longer makes me uncomfortable...partly because it's just me- typing words into my computer in the still late at night...and partly because we are friends...even if we have never met...even if you have never even left a comment.

I want Vintage Fridays to be a regular gig around...There are so many favorite moments and memories that I like to relive in words..As I walked through Memory Lane- trying to figure out which Vintage Post to select... I came to what is probably one of my favorite posts... Written the week after the Day Greyson was diagnosed with Autism... and though this family has continuously changed and evolved...every word still rings true..It's funny...The diagnosis was so painful...but I can honestly say- that was the hard part...everything got easier from there.

So please, read my Favorite old post...Pot of Gold.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I like (re)reading your old posts...this will sound like I'm some stalker or something but when I found your blog for the first time I didn't stop reading until I've read every single post :D
    off topic: I bought my first pair of Geyson's favorite shoes today - and I'm loving them so far :)