Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do what you love

Sometimes when I watch the swimmers on the Olympics I think...I could be such an awesome swimmer...if only I was good at swimming laps... Yep- I don't think the two can coexist (sucking at swimming and being a good swimmer). Something about it looks so amazing, so refreshing, so intense- {so much better on my joints} under the water- time and place no longer exist...My thoughts would be silenced and I would only hear the pounding sound of my hand slapping into the water...the faint background sound of laughter and talking...and the human machine would go into cruise control and and move in a repetitive motion.

And sometimes when I am singing in my car I think- I really could be an amazing singer...if only I had a good voice. I don't even mean like a rock star on a stage...just a singer...belting one out... and to actually hit notes and have something beautiful and amazing come out?! I couldn't imagine how cool that would be.

We all have a higher likelihood to love the things we are good at...and be good at the things we love...but which came first I wonder? Somewhere along the way- we had to have started out badly at first- right? Just doing crappily over and over again- but with a smile on your face and an intensity in your heart...getting better each time and holding on the hope that one day we will be something that people call good.

I say do what you love...even if you aren't good yet.

Recently I needed space on my computer so I was deleting old projects. I came across the first paid photography gig I did and opened it nostalgically... immediately cringing...They were terrible...really- not good. The lighting...the focus...ughh....Like I should seriously go to the family right this moment and return their money....I remember at the time- knowing I had room to grow- but I also remember thinking...Hey- these are pretty good. 

I've got lots to show and tell from the weekend...I'll fill you in on today and save some for tomorrow too.

Love and Monday don't usually go in the same sentence, but I love starting Monday with a full fridge and a clean(ish) house.

As I was putting groceries away, I realized something...

I have a serious butter problem...
Photobucket I'm always looking for ways to get protein into Grey, not to mention I love Peanut Butter more than most folks. The Dark Chocolate Dreams and White Chocolate Wonderful aren't for Grey...They are for Michael and me and they are ridiculously amazingness (thanks for the intro AD!).... Put your phone/computer down this instant and and go buy some...

Random Thought: I love having dogs because they teach me lots...They don't hold grudges...they don't live in the past or worry about the future...


Parker's taken his love for the dog bowl to a new level. He actually tries to get in it...If he is alone for one unsupervised second- his hand and foot are in there splashing around.

Today we went and explored a beautiful hidden gem in Fresno. (Thanks for the suggestion Kym!)

Although it was in the hundreds...It was still a good day for adventure. And despite some seriously hilariously unsavory characters drinking was beautiful and awesome.



I wish I would have brought him a change of clothes...he wanted to get in so badly.
We through rocks and explored...had fun...and sweated...profusely...
Photobucket And afterwards we came home and cooled off in the water. PhotobucketRemember how Parker had to hold on to one of our fingers while in the pool? That's all in the past now.


He loves to whole face wet-under the water swim. It came out of nowhere with a bang...and the excitement in his eyes makes me think- Do other Moms seriously love their babies this much? {and I know you do- cuz you tell me- but isn't it just so crazy good!?} The way he just goes for it- inspires me.

Have a great Monday. Be like Parker- Go for it.

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  1. I should have told you to bring a change of clothes...or at least a towel to cover the seat! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We'd love to go on that adventure with you sometime.