Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't be angry



I remind Grey to say that instead of screaming and crying when he is frustrated.

Mad... We all can relate.

48 deep breaths....
That's all it took for me to unwind earlier today...
To lower my shoulders from my ears to an area more appropriate for a permanent residence.
For my heart to stop pounding and start comfortably beating.

And sometimes when we are angry- it almost feels like it feels good to be angry- because maybe someone deserves that anger...- so we hold on to it..but even if it is deserved...it hurts no one but us...and the recipient isn't sitting...stewing...or in angst...they possibly aren't even aware of it at all... so in the interest of you...

Let it go.... Take a deep breath...

If you must- be mad passively...while actively being happy. Like my Grandma used to say... It's better to go and do than sit and stew... OK- my Grandma never said that... but it sounds like something a Grandma would say...I don't know where I heard that either...

I went to a new place for Physical Therapy last Thursday. As soon as I walked in I realized it was the Costco of Physical therapy-- and I'm pretty sure the last stop on the way to heaven for all the old people in Fresno...Everyone tried to one up each other talking about body part replacement surgeries... You think that's bad? I had my hip replaced- while I was watching my Mom with Alzheimer's and my sister who had Cancer... And each story had me fascinated and repulsed...stricken with fear....
Is that going to be me someday? How can I make sure that isn't me?

Note to the old and hopefully fabulous Chrissy:
Perhaps you could consider going by the name Christina? I've never met an old lady named Chrissy. Just a thought...
Also, please refrain from talking about your physical aches and pains- the medications you are on, your friends diseases and untimely deaths.  Oh yeah, and the Weather.
Go out and do lots and live big so you have much to talk about.

The Physical Therapist was in her 20's...and yet to gain a broad base of clinical perspective...so I will forgive her....She asked what I did for a living...and when I told her I'm a Mom she said- OK- so I don't have to lecture you on the danger of working behind a computer... And I thought...Uhhh- no- you don't....Society doesn't let Mothers use computers yet... And she went on to offer me some completely awesome advice on how to help lessen neck pain and headaches...which would have been great...if I could sit in a paper box all day and ice every 30 minutes...and probably wouldn't involve itty bitty people hanging from my neck. She also"took a peak" at my MRI since my appointment isn't for a few weeks... and said there was nothing jumping out at her- but then also mentioned scary words like spinal swelling and disc bulging...but couldn't answer any specific questions. And although of course I was polite...I left there so angry at her...And it took me until today to decide I was done being angry.

And it was hilarious because on Sunday I went for a walk with Grey....and all I could focus on was the fact that I keep my head too far forward....(according to the little Missy)...and my shoulders too high....and I need to flex my lower traps so my upper ones aren't always firing...and I tried to do all those proper things at once- (while sucking in my pooch of course)...and if you saw me walking that day...you would have wondered- I wonder what's wrong with that odd  woman? and after about 5 minutes, I couldn't do it anymore...so I just walked in my regular old screwed up way.

Today, Monday started out so awesomely Thursday-ish.


Some awesome friends came over to make cookies...We were keeping everything clean and segregated from the little bitty germs.

And as we were adding and measuring and scooping and dumping...I hear, Oh Wow, Parker, how did you get your foot in there?

Apparently his feet have tasting capabilities that mine do not. At least I don't think they do...I may have to try it.

And once a foot goes in the batter...pretty much anything goes after that point...


Even when another little bitty... sneezed into the bowl too.

And I swear- the cookies are some of the best I've ever tasted... But don't worry- I promise I won't give any to you.

Secret Cookie Ingredients: Snot and feeties.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is AMAZING (when my friend Amy makes them...not me.)

Not to be left out- Greyson got a Gluten Dairy Soy free variation...and I can't believe how good they turned out.

I used the above recipe, and substituted the following.


But most importantly, he loved them...and that's all that matters.


I wonnnn Took-tey.

Very sneaky...

After the cookie-fest, we cleaned the flour off with a quick dip in the pool because we still had to go  to Greyson's Speech appointment. And we were running around like mad to make it in time- covering naked bottoms and throwing on clothes and packing up my car- just in time to leave...and as I went to unlock the car door... I realized that my keys were in my diaper bag...inside the car...
And when I called Michael to see how far away he was, he let me know he unexpectedly decided to leave early to travel to the Coast for work...and for the first time ever we missed speech...And remember that moment when the Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk? That's what it felt like at that moment.

Which takes me back to the beginning...

48 deep breaths...and a little bit of time.
That's how long it took me to wind down....and focus on the good.

Which then allowed me to enjoy...

and this...

Photobucket And poof... Photobucket The anger rode away...

Have a great Tuesday.


PS- I KNOW!!! 204 Friends Changing the World with us!  Are you KIDDING me?! Thank you to every single one of you who have taken a moment to become a Member- in a World where free moments are rare- I can't tell you how awesome that is.

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  1. :) I'll have to try this recipe for cookies.
    We never ever baked cookies when I was small - I don't even remember eating something remotely similar as a kid. But I've tried, many times now, when I'm older and they all turned out disastrous. Maybe this will be the perfect fool-proof recipe for me! yay!
    /what kind of flour is gluten-free? I'm guessing corn - right? I love gluten-free pasta made out of corn-flour...is there any other kind? I've decided to start searching for the perfect gluten/dairy/soy-free cake recipe so one day when I have kids, we'll have the best b-day cake ever and everyone will be able to eat it. Of course I still have years and years of time to bring the recipe to perfection, but the sooner I start, the better the cake will be - that will be a long-term project of mine/ :D
    geez another looong comment, sorry, once I start typing I don't know when to stop :D