Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perfectly Unremarkable

Today was unremarkable...

Not in a boring way...but in a calm one... {shew}.


I scheduled a meeting with Grey's new preschool Teacher and his Speech Teacher at school-- so I took some time to prepare. Working on a project like that makes me giddy... Spreadsheets and lists and paper and organization... delightful....I made a document detailing the things he is working on in his home program of therapy and created a list of all the programs he has mastered doing Behavior Therapy in the past 10 months. It was amazing to see all the things he's accomplished in this short period of time. Not only has he learned many skills and knowledge that Typical kids are learning- but he's also happier...calmer...less frustrated. There was a time I couldn't even walk in the parking lot with him because he had absolutely no regard for his own safety... Times I chose to stay in instead of go out- because it was just such a battle. Now- it is fun and it is easy. We are proud and we are grateful- swirled into one convenient package.

There's not much to tell you about from today... and in my 14,136 days on this Earth I've realized- I'll take unremarkable any day. Especially after last weeks painful remarkableness. (Click here to see how many days you've been on Earth!)

We are ever so painfully slowly...wading through our new schedule. Our new Life... I wrote out a To Do list and I actually accomplished at least 62% of it...My hearts muscles are still a little sore. It will take some time.

Ironically today was our worst Preschool drop off yet... And as I walked to my car I could still hear Greyson screaming...and from the corner of my eye I could see him laying on the sidewalk while screaming... And although it makes me sick and sad- my body goes on autopilot...and I know that when that happens I am to give control to his Teacher and turn my back so he does not get positive reinforcement from his negative behavior. {that's a good principle to use on an Adult that is misbehaving- don't give them your attention...turn your back}. It also gets much easier because once I get into my car, take a deep breath, and take a few pulls from my flask of tequila. (Yes, I am kidding, Friend! It's actually filled with Pinot Grigio).

In order to get Grey out the door in time for school in the morning, Parker stays in his jammies. I figure he will get less stares than I would wearing pajamas. Since Parker still takes a morning nap he is often in them until the afternoon. The great thing about being a kid- your World is free of judgement and stereotypes.

Still in your pj's in the afternoon? Parker says who cares?


Tonight Greyson went with me on a slow run...

Michael will proudly tell you -this is the first concert he attended. That makes me laugh out loud. I just think it's a darn cute shirt.

We went through the golf course during our run because it's closed on Mondays and ready to be explored. Tonight I did celebrate my perfect boy...just the way he is...I celebrated his birth day... The fact that he's here...the fact that he's mine.


We got ice and we ran around...

Greyson has a mild aversion to walking barefoot on grass... Many Spectrum kids do. When he walks on it- it looks like the grass is hot. He tries to maximize the time his feet spend in the air. He used to refuse to walk on grass without shoes on- but we worked with him to get to this point (by worked I mean endured screaming tantrums in increasing increments). He will now do it on his own- but you can tell he doesn't like it.


Some Spectrum kids have a sensory aversion to sand as well... Greyson loves sand. Like crazy loves it.  It makes me laugh.

Photobucket But running...there's nothing like his love for running... I was so glad I had my camera on this side of his face when he was running for once. Photobucket Photobucket It's kind of like he flies.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that life treats you kindly today.

As a special favor to you, I'd like to share with you my two favorite kid friendly non-curse words... Since I have 2 kids that don't repeat what I say- sometimes I mistakenly throw in a crap or worse around other children... Until now...I came up with 2 new words.. Jack Hole and Foo-bar.

Use them in a sentence today. I promise you'll thank me.

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