Thursday, September 27, 2012


Have you met my Dad? Probably not...He's awesome.

My Mom's even more awesome because she puts up with my Dad.

He used to bring me Chuckles Candy and Ludden's Cherry Cough drops even when I wasn't sick. He did funny things like wake us up in the middle of the night to clean our room if we didn't do it during the day. He made us sign contracts when we negotiated a privilege from him...He used to give me 30 cents for allowance- like when I was in high school...10 to spend, 10 to save and 10 for Church...

My sister and I still laugh about that- how little you can buy with a dime...but we learned alot from it. My Dad's not a tall guy- but I remember being little- thinking he was the tallest and strongest guy that existed. Dad's play a big role in a kiddos upbringing. They contribute to the Family and to parenting in a way different than a Mom can. Dads are great because they can fix anything- or pay someone to fix it if they can't.

I love Michael for taking his Dad role so darned seriously.

I find myself saying things that sound like him sometimes...My Dad...and it makes me proud.

Tonight I'm sharing a Vintage Life with Greyson post, in honor of my Dad's birthday that was this week...

I would be honored if you clicked HERE to read...Grab some tissues...


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  1. dad was great too and I miss him every day! Your dad and mom sound wonderful!