Thursday, September 6, 2012


My feet are dragging in the dirt...I'm holding on for dear Life... I am mourning my Best Friend Summer. I am not an I love Winter type of gal... I'm getting cold just thinking about it. I'll take shirt stuck to me sweaty and flushed face any day over cold....

Do you love Fall? Love the changing of Summer into Fall leaves and Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumkin patches? Then I will need your will help me my Winter loving friend- right? I could certainly use it. I know I will find the beauty and still enjoy the ride...but I may need your help.

And for my other Summer loving friends- we will start a support group and help each other.

I will miss this...

And our nighttime Summer Family walks and neighborhood park trips.

Usually I man the stroller and Michael mans the dogs but we switched roles for a night... I want my old job back.

All day today I should have been packing...I even started cleaning to avoid packing- so I must really hate packing....

My sweet little Sister, Katie is getting married this weekend...and we are going to celebrate...And I am so busy fearing our trip- that it hasn't left enough time for being excited ...but I will make up for it.

Katie, Me and my other Awesome sister, Lisa at my wedding. I'm lucky to have amazing sisters!

My parents and I.

I'm not scared of the plane ride with the boys- I think that will be fun...or moving around from place to place....or the fact that my boys can only nap in their own beds... I am mostly afraid of me + sleep deprivation... We will all be staying on one room... Parker- the early morning riser...Greyson- the side ways sleeper (while kicking you in the head), The loudest snorer in the World, and me...And the second one of the boys move a finger, I awaken...and if the Fresno State marching Band walked through our hotel room- Michael would still be sleeping and snoring away...

Caffeine....please don't fail me now...

I'm way overdue for a trip home...and I can't wait.

I got a pedicure for the first time since my Wedding anniversary -June 24th... And when I remembered that at first I felt so sorry for I was being deprived of food stamps to feed my baby...and then I reminded myself- Princess--it's a frickin pedicure...Get over yourself...

I don't usually do trendy...but I picked the color Grey...

Berlin there done that...OPI

My favorite color... The color Grey represents strength to My heart belongs to the color Grey. After the Summer of Navy Blue and Pinot Grigio we are entering the Winter of Grey and Pinot Noir...

I am on a search for the perfect Grey shirt...the perfect amount of stretchy and give...not work out casual but not fancy...the kind I want to wear daily- until Michael makes fun of me for wearing it so much...

Gluten free is over for me...I did it for two weeks and felt amazingly...the same.... I know I do not have Celiac disease or a Gluten sensitivity- so it makes sense that I would feel the same, but I wanted to see for myself...and I like to pursue heathy in different ways...I'm still not drinking soda- because I do know that 3-4 Diet Sodas a day isn't good for me.

Here I am after...can you see the difference?

I think I look better..I'm even taller...Can you tell?

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  1. I actually think you looked better before..
    And yes, please sign me up for the summer loving support group. I was just talking about how sad I was that it had cooled off and it was too cold for night swimming (it was 95 degrees).
    I hate winter.