Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Baaaack

Things are finally back to normal after our trip home to St. Louis last week. Clutter has found a home and chaos has folded back into calm. The suticases are put away and my mind is finally settled. The chaos helped me realize- we are all like pinatas, friend...and sometimes we need to get the crap beat out of us with a stick before the good stuff comes out.

We had such a fun-filled weekend.

Some days I wake up and it looks like Parker got older over night...

The way his eyes reflect the light- reason number one million and one that I believe in magic.


We went to an awesome Birthday party at a local Fire Station on Saturday. 

We got to tour the facilities and go for rides in the fire truck. Greyson was in heaven, therefore, so was I. We even got to ride in the front.


He wore his hat all weekend...



Greyson for sure had a case of the Mondays today.

Photobucket PhotobucketHe stuffed his pinata to the gills tonight. He almost put an entire chicken hot dog in his mouth before I realized it and took the one remaining piece away. He reacted like I had killed his pony. He is writing about how mean I am on his blog right now.

And he wasn't happy that it was the end of our walk tonight.

I don't read many blogs- but I discovered The Bloggess a week ago and I just can't stop reading it backwards in my spare time- and by spare time I mean at red lights and under the covers late at night...Usually I like something with more depth or substance- but this is the perfect amount of light-hearted insanity I think I've needed lately.  

It's so funny that when I read it, Michael asks me- what's so funny? non-stop ...(If you want to check it out, click here if you are OK with completely irreverent, insane and the use of curse words. If you are not OK with it- do not read it- and forget I ever mentioned it. Instead imagine me at Church.) 

Reading it made me think- lots of people tell me they cry when they read my blog--I need to get funny. Funny is good- funny makes people laugh! 

I thought- I want to be as funny as The Bloggess. But that will never work because when someone tries to be as blank as someone else- it's terrible because it's just not authentic. But if you just are as blank as yourself then you can never go wrong. 

Be as blank as you already are. Not as blank as somebody else. Got it?

I didn't come here to Earth to find perfect. I thought I had. I pursued it. I daydreamed up perfect futures and perfect children, perfect marriages and a perfect life. One day my GPS- said "recalculating" and instead of turning onto perfect street I drove into Spectrumville. I fought like mad to ignore it- I tried to fight it. Every time I entered that I was looking for Perfect it said address not found. I used to think all of you were hanging out in Perfect without me... But I realized no one lives there- in Perfect...there's just no such thing... And I realized that Spectrumville isn't as horrible as imagined. 

In fact, sometimes, it's pretty darned fabulous.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. well, if there's no map of Spectrumville which would have the address of 'perfect' in it, you'll have to draw one yourself.
    did you ever try to draw a map? it takes forever.
    Find a path, draw it on your map, do endless calculations, make signs for trees and stones around the path, then find out it goes in the bad direction on your paper so you have to take a step back and start over. - maps are tricky like that. but one day when you get it right, the map will show you exactly how to get to the address of perfect'- no need for GPS, use your own map ;)