Monday, October 29, 2012


We could all use perspective at times...And although it is free- strangely there isn't a surplus of it.

Last week was tough. Michael was gone Tuesday through Friday- and by Friday, I'd hit my limit. The kids are tough because they have to eat...every day- more than once even. I swear I must be the only Mom who sometimes forgets to feed her kids. They will both be acting crazy and moody- and I will wonder why in the heck they are so crabby...and then see it is 12:38pm, and I've yet to feed them lunch...

This weekend we were brainstorming Halloween costumes for the family...

I think back to last year...and laugh, although I certainly was not laughing at the time...
I'm pretty sure Halloween doesn't exist in Spectrumville.

We went to a Halloween party at a Country Club...and I wore stupid uncomfortable shoes...and Greyson wouldn't stop running...into traffic...out of the party...into the wooded area...onto tennis courts while games were going on.

I remember I caught Greyson and scooped him up for this picture...and he was so mad at me...


I went home and cried that night...exhausted... I didn't know how I was going to keep up with him for the rest of my life...

Now I try to only think about today...not the rest of my life...

And then Halloween night... He just hated all of it... There were lots of tears...I barely took any pictures because I was so sad. I expected Halloween to look differently once I had kids....I thought it would look like fun and candy and happy...And I was so confused as to why he hated it so much.


Michael and I dressed up and went trick or treating with Grey last year...

I can't imagine much worse for a Spectrum kid...wearing a costume- which are often itchy and constraining... and having to go to random people's houses...and talk... I'm sure it was torture for Grey. I would go with him up to the door...and the nice people would say- Aren't you cute! What you are? And wait for Greyson to answer or say Trick or Treat!!!! I usually just said it for him- and felt like a complete heel- because I was 38...and dressed up... and talking as if I were 2... I'm a UPS worker...with a bag open waiting for candy Greyson didn't even want to be deposited in it- wondering why I was going through the motions at all.

Today we went to a gross way less cool pumpkin patch than last weekend's...


Look at the stems on these suckers...that's not normal- right? I mean, I'm trying to embrace different and all but they were a little over the top.


We had some cotton candy...




Neither one of the boys cared for it... Parker is dramatic like his Mother.


This year for Halloween,  I have no expectations of what it will look like... If Grey doesn't want to go up to the doors I'm not going to make him...And his costume is going to be something he is OK with wearing. I fight so many battles with him every day- I'm willing to concede a little on Halloween.

Hope we both find some perspective Monday.


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