Monday, November 12, 2012

The days are long

If I were to sugar coat today- I would say it was a terrible horrible no good, very bad day- with some really great moments strewn in between. I had forgotten how crazy being stuck in the house makes me feel. Like a steam kettle expecting the whistle at any pressure building moment. With Michael out of town for work and Greyson sick- I'm working on over 24 hours since I have left the confines of Chez Kelly. I think G's mans fever is finally starting to subside...

This moment is one of the greats. He lies next to me watching a Pixar movie of compiled shorts. The only light in the room is from my computer and from the screen on the TV and I can finally stop to organize my swirling thoughts.

Today there was lots of this...



Even his hands were on fire...


One of my favorite moments...The 3 of us...


Today it was hard for me to get out of bed...because I knew what I would be up against...and I can do physically hard better than mentally hard any day. And to help with the sadness and fear I've been carrying inside... I came up with a little tiny plan...

Piglet was so excited at the idea of being useful that he forgot to be frightened anymore. 

I worked on sign language in a controlled setting with Parker.


Primary Reinforcer= Popcorn

Same picture shot in the Automatic setting

Mom is so Awesome for bringing me popcorn. Boy do I love her.


Why isn't Mom giving me the delicious popcorn?


Wow...I just want the damned popcorn...I don't care for this game at all. Maybe I was wrong about this lady.


And in the ideal World --at the end of our approximately 10 trials of Parker needing to request more to get popcorn- he would have been a signing fool--Quoting Shakespeare and Lady Gaga lyrics and stuff like that ...But in the real World I got about 2 verbal mores and 1 sign language more.

He will be starting Speech Therapy in the couple weeks so we can try to help him unlock some language for him.

I think Grey is feeling better...He just asked me for doooowwwgggg... Time to go make him a chicken (nitrate nitrite free!) hot dog for my boy.

Have a great day.


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