Thursday, November 8, 2012

slow and sweet

I'm in a hurry to get things done.
Oh, I rush and rush until life's no fun.
All we really gotta do is live and die.
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

I've always prided myself on cutting corners and getting twice as much done.  Not vital corners- just places where it's OK for a square to be a circle. The faster the better. We brag about our fast. Our fast runs, our fast kids, our ten minute meals and our 5 minute face. We crave fast. Fast food, fast cars, fast computers, the fast tract, the fast lane in a fast paced World... Despite that it leaves no time to stop, to think, to connect, to plug in. Our unwavering attempt at lickety split fast living---is actually robbing us from living.  We need to rebuild our deficit- inside. Stop. Slow down. Connect. Come here to remember what you love the most.

How are you? Busy! busy, busy, busy

Constant meetings and play dates and activities for bitties as young as 2 or 3.  We are all busy busy busy. Do we need to say it? Isn't that as much a given as-

What are you up to? Breathing! Breathing, breathing,... all day long, in and out! Approximately 22,000 breaths a day! Lots of breathing going on.

From the time we are young children until this instant we are inundated with messages that faster is better which has created a time deficit. We want to do it all. We try to do it all. Listen up loud and clear-- No one does it all. I've never met one single person who does....but that doesn't stop us from thinking that others are and that we fall short. 

I think sometimes we are scared to go quiet and slow...because then we are forced to see what makes us unhappy. 

We did morning nice and slow today. Jammies for way too long- which is actually just right.

Brobee is hilarious according to Parker


Greyson is a slow learner. Slow learners can feel passed over in today's fast world. Each attempt reminding them that they aren't getting it like their peers are. They are taught that getting it fast is good. It takes Greyson much longer than the time it takes a typically developing child to understand things. 


To process things. To implement things. To group and to label things. He is slow. That is not his label or who he is. It's just an adjective. And the first few times I said that- I felt terrible. Like I was insulting him in a way no Mother ever should. But all of this thinking made me wonder... when did slow become a bad 4 letter word? 

God had a plan in mind when he paired Greyson and I up. Yes- I will put him in with this impatient one- the one always in a hurry. Yes- she NEEDS this! Yes!! He claps his hands together with a sparkle in his eye... He will help her slow down. He will help her stop and just be. 

What are your challenges teaching you? Let them teach you.

Here, we are learning to celebrate slow. Searching out things good and slow.

Today we stopped classroom therapy a little early and took the classroom outside on the driveway. We played until dark and took our time. 



Here's what Grey thought about the silly string. Yep- Good.

Slow cookers and slow cooked ribs...Slow nature walks. Slow songs and slow waltz's, slow to anger, and you don't you dare forget Turtles. Not everything slow is bad.

Book some time for you or for your family and invite some slow into your Life...

But Chrissy- that sounds fine and dandy- but I'm a working Mom with four kids with busy schedules. What gives? Friend- Then you must schedule slow...slow pancake breakfasts... Slow mornings with no where to be. Slow runs. Slow lunches. Don't be afraid of slow.  

Take today nice and slow...


  1. Thank you! I sooo needed this right now. :)

  2. I just love your blog. Your words bless me every time I click through. Thank you for sharing your words and photos. Today I will slow down, thanks.

  3. Amen, my friend. Couldn't agree more.