Sunday, May 5, 2013

not a real post

This is not a real post. This is just me telling you that I'm not writing a real post tonight.

Tonight I had just enough energy to go to Target with the family or write...

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Target- Winner Winner...

This is precisely why we do not and will not ever belong to Costco or Sam's Club*. Big ass bags of stuff we don't need that I think are a great idea in the moment... I don't know what they were doing at Target- but they were there on the shelf calling me... I'm a big fan of living in the moment- but not if it involves buying a big ass bags of chips...

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The bag is as big as Doodle folks... I'm serious... And I probably ate 3,034 veggie straws but didn't know it because I didn't even make a dent in the bag... Dangerous...

We went to Target for training underwear and reinforcers for Behavior Therapy (ABA) ABA bribery is called reinforcers. After anywhere from learning1-5 attempts  (Greyson- which one is green? or Where is your head? Whatever program he is working on) Greyson is rewarded with a toy or snack. In order to keep him engaged, the reinforcers must be highly motivating to him. I'm a huge fan of bribery because it works on the same principal as Life. I work much harder when I get something cool for it. I bet you do too. Something cool can look like many different things and isn't always money or tangible.

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I was looking for reinforcers for Grey. His favorites usually aren't the big ticket items or even necessarily toys--like a toothbrush or a measuring tape. As I'm searching through nooks in Target- The woman in front of me got on her phone and put it on speaker.

Is Tamika coming over tonight? She asks

Yes- says the man on the phone.


Why are you being so short? She wants to know.

I'm pooping, he says.

Oh, OK...I'm just picking up some stuff, she says.

Does this lady know I am in the aisle with her, I wonder? I'm mortified... Certainly she must... I slowly tiptoe backwards out of the aisle-as silent as possible...afraid to make eye contact yet not really knowing which way to look.

The inclusion of that story is reason #99 that this is not a real blog post tonight.

Since this is not a real blog post I will just include some random facts that wouldn't really fit in a real blog post.

  • I am aware I overuse italics and dot dot dot... I don't even know how to write properly anymore now.... 

  • I'm a little obsessed with Qtips. Sometimes I clean my ears twice a day. Please don't tell me it's bad for me. It's probably better than smoking or doing black tar herion or something.

  • I eat something sweet every single night before I go to bed. Probably couldn't sleep without it.

  • I only eat tomatoes if the middle slimy gunk is cut out.

  • I rarely eat red meat.

  • I love fonts. I hate times roman and comic sans. I think all people have a font that is totally them. Please don't ask me which yours would be because I put way too much thought into weird things like that. Like the other night when I couldn't sleep I wondered - is there such thing as Autistic dogs? But to be autistic you need to have social interaction difficulties, repititive or rigid behaviors (both possible for a dog) and a delay in communication--which is really not possible....So there is probably not such thing as an Autistic dog, and yes, I asked Google.

  • I am 1,000% happier in the Spring and Summer.

  • I love sushi.

  • I was an alter boy at Church growing up...wait--I wasn't a boy- so I guess I was an alter girl... I was a part of the first group of girls to be allowed to serve at Mary Mother of the Church in St. Louis Missouri. 

  • I hate it when I let a car in traffic and they don't give me the happy head nod  or wave.

  • I sleep with no socks on and start with one foot out of the covers so my foot can breathe. Just thinking about both feet under the covers makes it hard for me to breathe.

  • I can't even stand how much I hate the Hail to the V --TV commercials. I want to go back to the 50's when they couldn't even show a bra on TV.  There is never ever a need to mention the V in a commercial. Ever. But I would rather see those commercials on a loop than watch an episode of What would Ryan Lochte Do? And I only watched an episode of What would Ryan Lochte do once and a half times- because it came on and I couldn't look away. Jeah.

  • I'm crazy about candy... Dots, chewy, colorful, sugary, licorice, makes me so happy candy.

  • I think when you make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich it is imperative to spread the PB and the J to the very edge of the bread.

Are you still here? I'm so sorry you made it this far. Go rock your Monday, Friend... We can do this...



*unless I change my mind which could totally happen at any second.


  1. Thanks for this not-real blog post. It's 3:15 am and my Super Powers boy is having some SERIOUS sleep problems tonight.

    This Regular-Powered, 34 weeks pregnant mama literally just googled "I can't do this," a sure sign that I am losing it to the point that I think google is my friend and cares whether or not I can do this.

    Weird facts and pictures of Target (hallowed oasis) reminded me that tomorrow is new, and tonight will only carry over if I let it. Thanks for being real.

  2. I love you Chrissy. You rock. That is all :-)

  3. You're hilarious, my friend. Thank you for the laughs. Love and hugs to you.

  4. Our similarities are eerie. I sit reading your blog with, well, my massage pillow for my headache, a cup of ice cream, a q-tip in my hand and the window open behind me dreaming of summer nights....and I love dot, dot, dot..

  5. The ellipsis is my favorite punctuation too...