Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It was a glass all empty kind of morning.

We all seemed to be in the sludge of slow motion.

Happy was no where to be found.  It felt like Monday all day long. And that's a slippery slope... Feeling bad trickles over to others and then allows you to look for more things that are bad so you can prove your case.

Greyson and I were on the same page...

 photo _MG_0610_zpsfc0bdcb1.jpg

Even Parker...

 photo _MG_0664_zps6e2ab98f.jpg

I went to physical therapy and gave it my all this morning...and my all was little...tiny...38% in fact. Let's just say my all felt very pathetic.  And I couldn't shake the funk... And about 6pm I realized I hadn't had a bite to eat all day and I realized suddenly I've been achey and funky all day long- Ah ha! I'm sick. And suddenly I felt instantly better about myself and my Life.

Moms can't be sick. It's just not in the contract- it's why we get the big bucks and constant kudos...So today I Mom'ed without question. Luckily the husband gladly took both kiddos off my hands after work and now I am talking to you...alone in my bed in my pajamas at 7pm. I don't see pearly gates but I'm pretty sure I'm in Heaven.

I can't deal with unhappy, unhopeful, cranky for no reason -Mom for too long...However I can offer sympathy to sick Mom. As long as she is gone by tomorrow.

It makes sense- Two of Grey's teachers got sick last week and I spent some time with them- and over the weekend we had our very first parental experience called- Child projectile vomiting in the car (Greyson).. No- I don't have pictures of that one... You're welcome. He was completely better by the next day. I am hopeful.

And today was terrible... I thought- but now I look over pictures and realize it was actually far from bad... And I silently Thank God for my love of photograpy because it helps the hope and happy and love and strength rise to the top like cream. It reminds me that Life is good exceptional...even when it isn't.

This evening is warm and breezy and temperatures barely skimmed 80. Perfect.

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 photo _MG_0684_zps66061305.jpg

When Greyson was two I would try to read him books and sing him songs. He hated it. I thought I must be doing it wrong- but it all made sense when we realized he was on the autism spectrum. It was a social interaction that wasn't meaningful for Grey. I assumed all Spectrum kids didn't like books or songs but Parker showed me that isn't the case.  Homeboy loves when we sing. And singing Slippery Fish to Parker is currently my favorite past time in the Universe.

 photo _MG_0625_zpsb4f0658f.jpg

 photo _MG_0624_zps476dda40.jpg

 photo _MG_0626_zpsa3f5af44.jpg

The therapy Parker gets now helps bring that out of him...it was always there waiting to be uncovered.

 photo _MG_0699_zpse5d54b43.jpg

 photo _MG_0697_zpsc0d906e2.jpg

And the lyrics for your singing pleasure...

 photo oceans-slippery-fish-lyrics_zps90224ce1.png

 photo _MG_0642_zpsa32d2059.jpg

Greyson has been learning to ride his tricycle and bike for almost a year now. On most days while his therapists are here they practice. Today I watched him do it on his own and I was so proud.

 photo _MG_0643_zpse8b33275.jpg

 photo _MG_0647_zps562f1c23.jpg

I usually wouldn't make him wear a helmet for a tricycle- but the therapists do it so Greyson could get used to the helmet and so he associates it with riding a bike.

I wish more people - including me- could have Grey's ability to keep trying... Even when you don't get it...keep trying...even when you screw up and you don't even like it in the first place...

Keep trying...

 photo _MG_0651_zps736549ac.jpg

Yep- He's a pretty smart little guy...

Time to rest up. Have a great day.


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