Monday, February 17, 2014

beauty and the Bandit

We were checked out of Life and therapy all of last week. Returning to routine today was a welcomed way to start our week. Behavior Therapy was cancelled due to today's holiday: President's Day. So this morning, we got to take our time and head out to the little town of Academy: Population 52- to see our Horse Friends.

 photo IMG_4113_zps700ba3d3.jpg
This sweet baby is Bandit. He's a 12-year-old Quarter Horse. I love him. I feel his sweet and gentle spirit. No matter however kicking and screaming Greyson may get- Bandit stays absolutely cool. He ever blew in my ear a few times today. As he was blowing I asked one of the owners- IS THIS A GOOD THING?! Nervously. I was reassured that absolutely- yes it was. He wanted to get to know me. I always make sure to tell him, Thank you so much for taking such good care of my boy.

 photo _MG_5009_zps2f4bff3d.jpg

Grey struggled to - well, quite literally to get back in saddle at the Ranch. He was what I like to call feisty pepperoni. And no- I don't know how I came up with that term.

 photo _MG_5023_zpsdf540b57.jpg

 photo _MG_5022_zps9bce4cd1.jpg
Parker preferred making dirt angels. I know how good our day was by how many dirt rings are on the bathtub that night.

 photo unnamed-1_zps9c77291a.jpg

They are both so happy out on the Ranch. In my next life, I want to grow up in the country on a farm.

* a special thank you to my friend Katrina for the pictures with me in them!

 photo _MG_5040_zps3a0c9066.jpg

Next, we multi-tasked some Speech Therapy. Parker -left. Greyson- right. I just bounce back and forth rooms to watch.

And later we stopped by the beautiful Almond orchards, just starting to bloom. They are about half-way there until it's an explosion of white raining petals. You just wait.

 photo _MG_5057_zps73d63633.jpg

 photo _MG_5090_zps3525955e.jpg

 photo _MG_5077_zpsd3aac461.jpg

 photo _MG_5082_zpsd4aa6180.jpg

Despite a serious drought emergency in California, complete with visit from President Obama last week - the grass is turning a glorious shade of green, and the flowers are still blooming right on time. It reminded me that sometimes we don't get what we want- sometimes not even what we need- but we still can bloom anyway. It's amazing what we are capable of.

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Much Love,


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  1. Oh my!! The almond orchard is gawgeus!!! Never seen one of those before growing up on the East coast. What a perfect picture-snapping spot.

  2. Love reading about the boys and you are an awesome mom.

  3. I DID grow up on a farm far out in the country (15 miles from the nearest town and that tiny town included a grain elevator, a bar, a church, and about 40 houses). I'm 32 years old now and when I need a break from life or need to heal some broken part of my heart, I head to my parent's farm - now a several hour trip - but I go there to heal. There is something so wonderful about the farm. I thought maybe it was because I was raised a "farm girl" but maybe it helps all people who find the beauty in it...

  4. Chrissy,
    One of the things I love about this post is the picture of you with the camera in your hands. That is the camera that makes the magic for all of us. Way cool. I also love the picture of Parker caressing the dirt. You have captured pure magic.
    Thanks as always for sharing,

  5. Hi Friend :)
    2014 has been weird for me. Still uptohere in snow, maybe that's the deal. IDK - just wanted you to know I'm still here & checking in & loving your pictures & laughing at your whimsy & moved by your heart.
    Love & happiness, sweet Momma, Jen