Sunday, February 16, 2014

sunday blues

Short, sweet and sugar coated. From this weekend, some pictures...

 photo _MG_4775_zps8ef78e59.jpg

It's really hard to be all- stern, adulty, yelly at someone for being in the fridge- naked, while you're laughing your face off. I was standing in the kitchen and suddenly I see a dark shadow falling from the sky outside. I open the back door and cautiously peer outside- to find Greyson's clothes on the ground. He had thrown them from our upstairs balcony. Seconds later he waltzes into the kitchen and casually helps himself to a drink. Four going on twenty-two.

 photo _MG_4790_zps8ac337aa.jpg

A walk at sunset. Sunset actually is my favorite color. Explosions of gold and every shade of blue. There was thick cloud coverage so the sun only peaked through for a moment. Looking at the sunset makes me feel so small- in the best kind of way.

 photo _MG_4818_zps32f3d548.jpg
Grey catching some sun

The muted warm sun cast the most perfect ethereal light.

 photo _MG_4844_zps63bd7fb6.jpg

 photo _MG_4866_zps61bf9f93.jpg

 photo _MG_4869_zps657a609c.jpg

 photo _MG_4884_zps98f929db.jpg

Before we exited our walking path returning home, I turned around for one last look. The sky was changing rapidly, each new view darker and more remarkable then the previous. I saw a little black bird on the wire fence soaking up the view too. It made me think of my friend Scott from college and his Beatles Cover -Blackbird. His voice is pure liquid golden enchantment. Please, give a listen.

And here's a Scotty original that will turn into your perfect favorite sweatshirt you want to wear every day. He's a lyrical wizzard, grabbing letters from the sky and making words and magic.

Just one last thing before you go I'll have you know, I'll have you know.
Your picture perfect painted scene is an illusion -a pipe dream.

Which brings me to today. We went to a place called Playland- well - to play of course.

 photo _MG_4902_zps23b49f71.jpg

I mostly went to watch the happy jumping.

 photo _MG_4912_zps045f76bb.jpg

 photo _MG_4952_zps3b80f7e2.jpg

This little roller coaster was life. Invigorating, painful, unexpected, jerky, rough, electrifying, and exhilarating. And despite how awful it was, I found myself wanting to go again and again.

 photo _MG_4965_zps00cbd747.jpg
Parker just watched. One of these days he'll be ready to get on.

Well, the weekend is almost over. I'll join you on the other side of Monday. We got this, Friend.

Much Love,


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  1. that sounds like a lovely weekend <3

  2. Such wonderful pictures! You have incredible talents with both photography and writing. Thank you for sharing then with us.

  3. Love these pics, especially how you captured emotions like happy Grey in his dad's arms and Parker's concerned face in the last one. I know Parker has to go through being "afraid to go" and sizing up the roller coaster first but when I see that last picture, I just want to take all that worry away and get him to the "happy on the ride" place.

  4. Chrissy, this video showed up on in my Facbook feed today and as I was watching it I thought of you...this guy is a world changer, too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...and who knows. Maybe one day your boys will get a chance to surf with 'Surfer's Healing' some day!

    Blessings this Monday!

  5. What wonderful pictures...they make me happy.

  6. Wow Chrissy. This is one of my favorite posts. These pictures are stunning and I really appreciate your perspective. The second picture in this post (boys in the sunset) is my favorite I think. The last one of Parker and the amount of emotion captured in one photo is amazing. Makes me want to give him a great big hug.