Thursday, May 29, 2014

enjoying the small things mash up

I know- seriously. Can you believe it? Like so excited. Really.

Oh wait. I can't start in the middle. I don't know where to start though, and I don't have the right words to express this happy in my heart. Think Greyson jumping for joy over trash truck Wednesday. Yup, that happy.

This past year has taught me some awesome truths. 

First, God always has our back. You know how crazy much we love our babes? That's nuthin' compared to how much God loves us. I know- I don't know how that's possible, but it is. I've REALLY realized he will always protect love and take care of Greyson and Parker. That's what I remember when I'm freaking about the future. It's your earthly duty to take care of them now Chrissy, but ultimately, God has this covered. He's crazy about them too.

I've also learned God takes a hell of a lot longer to do things than I sure would. Man does it hurt me in the tiny patience part of my brain. Maybe it's because he's so busy. Maybe because it's actually how the story is supposed to go. Maybe that in between is where much of the very heart of our life lies. Even the uncomfortable in between. Grab it. Embrace it. It's ours for the learning...or not. It's what I struggle with most, and what I learn the most from too. Hmmm, funny.

One day I realized Greyson had autism. And then I realized I couldn't change that fact so I knew I instead just had to change the world. And I had no doubt I totally fricking would- because is there anything that important we wouldn't do for our children? Oh sorry, Grey and Parker- the world is too big and there's just me. No way. And along the way I've agonized with doubt. I've thought my plan stupid and slow moving and unsuccessful. But tonight for a moment I remember, it's all part of the plan. I am here to change the world and shed a light on autism, and ultimately, help anyone who has ever struggled with feeling different. Sounds like all of us at some time or another- right? For many of us-daily. This is exactly how Life is supposed to go at this very moment. Yours and mine.

Let's just breath it in.

So, back to the excited part. My words tonight are being held over Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things. This woman is a world-changer too. CLICK HERE to read.
We need your help reading and sharing. 

Big Fat Hugs,


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  1. I love your blog. I love that you seem honest, open, and committed to making a difference. You engage with your readers, you kindly took the time to answer a rambling, long winded note I once sent you...I just feel like you are so genuine and so relatable as I am a fellow mother of a child on the spectrum. Just the complete and utter opposite feeling I get from the Enjoying the Small Things blog, a blog I had to stop following after so many disappointing experiences and I just cannot venture to her blog, even if someone (like you) that I sincerely admire is posting there. Not when she made it abundantly clear throughout the whole noonday incident that she does not care about her readers. Honestly, she could learn a thing or two from you. Please Chrissy, stay true to yourself and this journey. Thank you for being you. I hope you can take this comment not as criticism, but as a very honest opinion from someone who is a fan of yours, and has genuinely been touched by your blog.

    1. Allie, I thought about your comment a few times today. I'm not very good at the internet- I don't really know the right and wrong things to say and do. First, I am so glad you have found a safe place to land here. I can honestly say that I love all people that read my words and connect and care about my boys but I especially love spectrum mommas because I know the love you are capable of. Kelle has been such a bright spot for me on my journey into special needs mothering. I was nervous to meet her- would I feel the same way in person? I met her- and I can honestly say there was nothing but love and a genuine and remarkable woman there. I'm so sorry you can't feel it. And she wanted to share our story- and shed more light on Autism. I think we can agree that is a really good thing. Best, Chrissy

    2. Nice response! I'm still confused about Allie's comment about the noonday (?) incident. I don't know either one of you, but I like what I see and read. Your boys are adorable and so are Kelle's kids. I'll keep reading.

    3. Chrissy, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful reply. Thank you for allowing a community here where we can respectfully voice a differing opinion and simply hear each other out whether we agree or not. As usual, your comment comes across as genuine and like I said before, that is definitely appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Completely agree with Allie. Love reading your blog. So disappointed to see you on ETST. Even though I am very happy it will give you exposure.

  3. So thankful to find your blog. "One day I realized Greyson had autism. And then I realized I couldn't change that fact so I knew I instead just had to change the world. " Amen. This statement is so convicting to me. My oldest daughter, Clara (2 yrs), was diagnosed with Cohen Syndrome this past November. Thank you for encouraging me to change the world. :)

  4. Change on! Sweet Momma :)
    Love & happiness to you. xoxoxo Jen

  5. "Motherhood made me realize the only weapon I had against my human imperfection was perspective" I can't tell you how much this resonates with every inch of my being. You just melted every imperfection, every failure I have felt. And if that wasn't enough I am a first time reader so I get to play catch up.. Thank you for some much needed "perspective."

  6. Hi Chrissy! I found you through Kelle and am so glad I did! Looking forward to getting to know you and your super-power family! Thanks for sharing and changing the world. One of my favorite quotes (and, sadly, I can't recite it exactly nor can I recall who said it) is about how foolish is the person who did nothing because they could only do a little. Little adds up! But you already know that, don't you?! :)

  7. I came across your blog and am captivated by you and Kelle's strengths. I have a child with seizure disorder and autism and she is nine now..I kept it in until recently and only my close family and friends knew about her condition. I don't know how you ladies managed to share your painful stories so early on and so beautifully. It took me nearly 9 years to deal with my pains. I'm learning a lot through your courage and I wish we can connect and share our imperfectly perfect stories with our children.

  8. wow Chrissy. I guess the internet world just opens up the possibilities of finding comfort in unexpected places.

    just happened upon your blog here. I am thankful for real people like yourself. I will continue to read for the sake of feeling sane & normal ;)


  9. Oh, I too just found your blog... but I had been longing to find more blogs like kelle's and nicci's...that encourage me to be a better mom, but also to laugh at all of the honest parts too. I absolutely love your blog. I just spent about 2 hours reading and really feeling your blog posts. I have two kiddos just under two- and when my days feel long, these blogs help me to realize the years are short and to savor life. I love that. Thank you!! Your boys are beautiful, what a wonderful world you are giving them.

  10. Saw you featured on ETST, came here to read...and now I've almost read every post. We are on different journey's, my son was born with a few soft markers and is a developmentally delayed slightly, with an unknown syndrome possibly existing also. Your words are now my comfort. I've shed tears over my keyboard. We are all in this together.
    From a mom in Canada <3

  11. I loved your post on ETST, so I came over to see more:) I love your honesty and your points on perspective... while my children don't have special needs, we do have our challenges and your words spoke to me.

    'I want to be the good in his life, not the scowling pessimist' SO DO I!

    Thank you for your thoughts and for expressing very simply how I think we all feel as mothers at times. I will definitely be back!