Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ch ch changes

Every cell in our body changes. We need change to survive. Change makes seeds grow to grass, plants, flowers, trees and fruit. Change makes us all grow and bloom. It makes the sun set and rise.

But sometimes I hate change. It makes me ache inside. It makes loved ones die and people move away and babies grow much much too fast. I fight it like mad. My family lives in the Midwest-about 1,800 miles away and sometimes it feels like a Universe. For the past week and half they came to visit.

 photo _MG_8655_zps1058f2a2.jpg
My heart and dinner table and house was full.

 photo photo-100_zpsd8de0a5b.jpg

 photo _MG_8604_zps69d0fc54.jpg
They got to do Trash Truck Wednesday with us and meet our Friend, Frank.

 photo _MG_8612_zps7b3279e4.jpg

 photo _MG_8897_zps04e4e9c1.jpg
We had so much fun with our cousins (Grey 5, Maggie 2, Levi 4, Parker 3)

 photo _MG_8577_zps272de7c7.jpg
We had ice cream for breakfast, because when you are an aunt you get to do stuff like that.

 photo _MG_8583_zps5e42f595.jpg
Doodle and Levi

 photo _MG_8776_zpsb8d20f77.jpg
Doodle and Maggie

 photo _MG_8697_zps3d26d6bf.jpg
We went fruit picking at a local farm 

 photo _MG_8725_zpsa3302b27.jpg
With all our farmer friends that feel like family (I love you Annie, Andrea and Heather).

 photo _MG_8719_zps271c7a26.jpg
Air and heads are clearer on the farm

 photo _MG_8702_zps515d71d3.jpg

 photo _MG_8847_zpsd9450ba2.jpg
We made our double stroller into a quadruple

 photo _MG_8879_zps0d65535e.jpg
We took cute pictures-- which isn't hard when your subject is this cute

 photo IMG_8621.jpg
(Here she was just two years ago in this post.)

 photo IMG_1826.jpg
And on the day she was born

 photo _MG_8682_zps095f7f9a.jpg
And we soaked up the last last of the sun- my sisters Lisa, Katie and me.

 photo _MG_8957_zps9248eebb.jpg
My favorite was our trip to Pismo Beach. Grey's too.

 photo _MG_9075_zps48871138.jpg

 photo _MG_9098_zps1319c280.jpg

 photo _MG_9113_zps18b43169.jpg
Trash-truck worthy jumping

 photo _MG_9134_zps604c99bd.jpg

And now my house is chaos-free and clean- and I am sad. I wish nothing had changed. I wish they lived down the street. Or could all fit into our spare bedroom.

We plead with time. Please stay. Please keep. Please be the same. But time flows like water in a broken dam that can never be stopped. And trying is like watching the fish that push against the current. Fishy- that is pointless we say, but do the exact same thing in our life. It's not the actual change that hurts so much- it's our resistance to it. We can't live the past. Only kiss it goodbye as it flies away and look forward in anticipation. So today I focused on the good in change.

 photo _MG_8834_zps5b150fdf.jpg
Mom and Dad and sisters and husbands and kids oh my.

Family makes us funnier, and happier and smarter and braver and better cooks and makes us feel much cooler than we probably actually are. I heard "Aunt Chrissy!" So many times I swear I feel famous. I love you guys.

There is so much wisdom in change...and joy and relief and growth and life. In fact, every single good thing in our life was born from a direct result of change. Take a deep breath in and resist nothing. Say it with me.

So much love,



  1. Thank you for my daily tears. Good ones, of course:)

  2. Great post! Wish I knew you were in town. I would have met you at the beach with the kids.

  3. THIS makes me happy even though I have tear welling up. I can feel your happiness!

  4. So happy you had this time with your family! love you!

  5. Looks like a great visit!

  6. What wonderful, wonderful pictures!!

  7. What a beautiful family you have! This post was just what I needed today. I just came back from a visit to my family. Haydin got to spend time with his Grandparents, Great Grandma and Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Some he has never met. It was fabulous! I feel so full with love and purpose and all those good vibes getting in touch with your roots give you. Now it is back home, doing laundry, un packing and trying to hold on to all of the good memories without being so very sad it is over. It was great too that therapy consisted of playing with chickens, running around on the farm, playing in gravel, swimming and lots and lots of fresh air. Ahhhhh I want to hold it all in my memory forever!