Tuesday, August 4, 2015

hello perspective

The orange circle in this image doesn't change size. Nope, not at all. And if you are stubborn like me- it will take you awhile to believe your eyes. And then you have to measure it against something to prove it. And you finally will have no other choice but to realize it's true. Hello dizzy.

But also- HELLO PERSPECTIVE. This image illustrates everything I TRY to think and do and feel and believe in life. 

Things related to autism take up a BIG part of our day. Speech, Behavior Therapy, tantrums, lining things up, going slow, repeating directions, extreme pickiness, screaming, repeating directions, repeating directions, REPEATING DIRECTIONS... But that's just TIME. 

Autism takes up a SMALL part of our whole entire life. I think of my boys simply as my children. My stubborn, brilliant, pain in my butt gifts from God. Days go by and I don't think of autism. I try not to focus on it when I don't need to. My boys are a million different things- least of all autism. 

When I first realized autism was part of our story that damn orange dot took up my entire world. Every thought, every moment of every day, every dream and every nightmare. I realized that I couldn't do a thing to change that damn dot. And at first- that sucked more than anything has ever sucked in my life before. My heart felt like it was suffocating. But after all of that I also realized that all the other dots were up to me. That makes this control freak SO DAMNED HAPPY. The size and content of the other circles are absolutely up to me. And it's my job to make those other circles so big that they out shadow the autism. 

And here's the thing-We ALL have an orange dot in our life. Every one of us. That thing that challenges and isolates us. That rests heavy on our shoulders. The thing that we are afraid that no one else can understand or even begin to relate to. Our circumstances are different, but that doesn't matter. Quite often our feelings about our circumstances are the same- and that is really what matters most to us as human beings. To understand and be understood. And although we can't change our orange dot, we can change so many other aspects of our lives. Those are the blue-ish dots. It's up to us to make them bigger. What they look like depends on what is important to you in ACTION- not just in words. 

We must DO. Whatever you fill your blue dots with is up to you. My blue dots are: God, marriage, Mom-ing, friendship, working out + feeling healthy, daily adventure and being creative. Every week I make contributions to those blue dots to make them grow bigger. Those aspects of my life are not perfect- but they are important to me so I work at them. I fill up those blue dots up, and in doing so- make the orange dot look and feel much smaller in comparison.

The things you can change in your life are huge and important. Take a look at your circumstances is a new way, and in doing so you may just change your life.


  1. Such wise words, Chrissy!! I need to read this often & start putting more emphasis on my bluey dots. Thank you VERY much. :-)

  2. Love this so much! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thank you! I needed this today. I will use this visual going forward in my life.

  4. Thank you for reminding this! I just found your blogg recently and have been reading and thinking a lot of our previous years with my now 13 yrs old amazing, special boy. The most valuable I have learnt with him is perspective and living in a moment, and of course - newer give up. The miracles really happen all the time if we only can see those and not keep struggled only in problems. All the best for your lovely family <3