Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I so didn't want to go for a run tonight... Michael is out of town... I had already eaten dinner... It was too close to Parker's bed time... As you know- sometimes when it comes to working out- excuses are never in short supply...

And I went, but I cut myself some slack... I said go as slow as you want and as short of a distance as you want- but just go... I couldn't believe I was being so nice to myself... My mean self must be reading my blog.

And it was honestly quite possible one of my favorite walk/jogs of all time...

 photo _MG_9438_zpse4166e76.jpg

And for just a moment, somewhere near the middle I thought...

 photo _MG_9434_zps26b4e5d4.jpg

Yes, I am certain... right now...this feeling... this is what it is all about... and I just savored that lightening bug feeling knowing that any second the light would go out and I would be left with the memory.

One of the things I loved most about living at the beach were the sunsets...and not just the amazing and vibrant pinks and oranges and fiery yellows- with a setting sun so bright that when you closed your eyes you saw spots of blue and green... Yes, even more beautiful than the sun was the stillness of the entire beach and strand... Bikers would stop biking, runners would stand against the side of the half brick wall designating the walkway... People that had lived there all their Life and people that were there vacationing came together in unison with awe and respect to take in the setting of the sun... It never got old. If people had a difference of opinion about anything in Life- it was grandly overshadowed by a unity of respect and awe for God's incredible performance in the setting of the sun.

And tonight, the Kelly Family, party of 3 soaked up the last of the setting sun together...

 photo _MG_9467_zps7b8f4361.jpg

A couple of weeks ago Parker completely lost his ability to sign more... Poof- gone... We tried and tried...We struggled... It went away on the day that kiss finally clicked for him... I had been trying to teach him since forever... Now when I say kiss- he clobbers me with a glorious wet one...and despite the fact that more is certainly much more functional of a sign...kiss... well, it's everything... Yesterday at speech he finally found his more again...

 photo _MG_9449_zpseb78e3a6.jpg

 photo _MG_9486_zps150cf72f.jpg

 photo _MG_9510_zps01d6f41a.jpg

 photo _MG_9512_zpsbfa11e7e.jpg

And kiss is still around...And nothing even close to this has ever happened before... I would say- Parker- Kiss...Greyson- Give Parker a kiss... And then it was Magic...and they would giggle...and Parker was so tickled about it I can't even connect the right words to this glow I feel inside...

 photo _MG_9508_zpsf3f378fc.jpg

 photo _MG_9496_zpsed42a618.jpg

And it was a good day all around...

Greyson did so good at making his G's in school today...AND he even got an adorable note from the sweetest little Girl...

 photo _MG_9392_zpsa16de9a0.jpg

I love the last G... Sometimes when Grey makes a mistake he just gets so frustrated he scratches the whole thing out... Soooo me.

We had a productive day at speech therapy... Today was Grey's turn to go...

 photo _MG_9402_zpsd2160112.jpg

Since I am a professional grocery shopper- Today I went to not one but two grocery stores...

 photo _MG_9383_zps04450029.jpg

One...Lassens... (Hi Mona! )

 photo _MG_9410_zps98582ffe.jpg

Two... Grey is also an honorary Grocery Professional shopper.

Parker loves dog food.... On his birthday I made him a Gluten/Dairy/Soy free cake and homemade icing and he wouldn't even TASTE it... But he eats dog food whenever he can sneak some...

 photo _MG_9420_zps070f7b86.jpg

I want to leave you with this video by Dove... I had scene it circulating on Facebook but didn't want to watch it... But I guess God wanted me to see it because I had to watch it on youtube before I could get to the video I wanted to watch...which was ironically on abdominal exercises...

Well played out God... So, maybe you should click on it too...I think it might be God's way of telling you too.

Have a great day...




  1. We watched that video last Sunday at Northwest church. So true!!! Xoxo I had to hold back the tears.

  2. I loved the sunset pictures at Woodward, though I wasn't with you at the time, I felt like I was... Made me so happy to see them, it brought me to tears....

  3. The brotherly smooching is too good to be true!

  4. This made me cry. I love the kiss! I love Mona at Lassen too.

  5. As a mom of a boy with Super Powers, the kiss picture made me squeal with delight! How perfect.

  6. Gosh Darn it Chrissy! I fall more in love with this place & your words, & those BOYS! everytime I come here <3 Thank you for sharing you & them.
    I really relate to the - just move, it doesn't have to be fast or long, just one foot in front of the other - kinda thinking. Those are ususally the best times. I am glad your mean self is reading your blog, she should learn to take it easy on you.
    Love & happiness to you sweet mama! Jennifer

  7. "My mean self must be reading my blog." This made me smile and crack up, because so often I feel like a hypocrit for what I post on my blog. I feel that I make myself sound so constantly positive and "saving the world" when in reality I'm just as scared and confused as to who I'm writing to. But that's why I write my blog a lot of times: I write things I need to hear!

    This post was so beautiful and lovely; the pictures melted my heart. I hope you and your boys enjoy every sunset like that :)

  8. Your boys just glow! So beautiful....and the kisses. Heart-melting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The kiss pics are so adorable. I loved the first pic where Greyson is kissing Parker and your little one has his eyes closed and has his head turned up....beautiful

  10. My name made it into your blog. That totally made my day, but not as much as seeing you and the boys. Your light shines pretty bright. Love you friend.