Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ridiculously kind

Tonight's a shorty but a sweetie.

Tonight the bewitching hour came early. Like 4:03 early. Grey threw a handful of stuffed animals over the toy room balcony that overlooks our family room where I was sitting below. It scared the ever living blast out of me and I snapped. Running and tripping up the stairs to scream my face off. It's Tuesday and I was Friday exhausted and Monday hopeless. Michael is gone a few days each week for work and today is one of the days. All day today, Greyson kept pulling on my sweater until I unraveled.

Praise gosh an amazing and capable sitter came over this evening. I practically threw the boys at her and ran. I didn't feel bad for yelling. I didn't call myself incapable or not enough. I sought quiet and I was ridiculously kind to myself. I went for massage and all the bad stuff- I could feel it working its way out, helping me be to be refrehed to start over all clean-slated for tomorrow. I went to the grocery store by MYSELF which is heaven. I even bought my favorite brand of Jalapeno pototo chips all for me to eat. It's hard work being a human being. We should be celebrated by ourselves more and scolded by ourselves less. 

Good job you for being alive! Me too! Good job me.

And it was all so good I said to myself- This has got to catch on. My friends need to do this tomorrow. 

 photo kind_zps78e6fc1f.jpg

I even drew you this picture to remind you. So tomorrow that's your gift to YOU. Ridiculously kind to yourself day. Buy yourself a latte, a massage, a pair of Manolo Blaniks- Hellfire, whatever your budget allows. I said you could. When you start having those thoughts- guit, mean, critical yucky thoughts- tell mean you to shut up. 

Be ridiculously kind to sweet you. Because I said so.

 photo _MG_2190_zps1cfe7faa.jpg
Kindness is calling. Will you answer?



In the comments tell me what you PLAN to do or what you DID do after you do it. K? Or just say hello. Don't make me feel like I am talking to myself.

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  1. I have to study for a test tomorrow night, and 2 training sessions during the day, so not a whole lot of time for ridiculously nice, but I'll figure something out. :-) Thank you for giving me permission. I appreciate that. Hope tomorrow goes easy on you, or at least easier than today.

    1. My nice to me (after a frustrating day) was a casual stroll home after class, slurping on a rocket Popsicle and enjoying the smell of the lilacs in bloom. I needed that. :-)

  2. All I can do is promise to try:) I'm at the beginning of a deployment, and everything I try to do nice goes kerflooey. For example, I bought a nice bottle of wine to share with myself (I haven't really made friends where we are; I'm not too good at that) but I have a stomachache and I can't even get through one glass. I know you don't know me, but thank you for listening:) I promise to keep trying. Cross my heart.

  3. I'm leaving town this morning to be kind to myself - heading to DC for 3 days to play (kid-free) while the husband works. Thanks for the reminder to NOT feel guilty...I need some quiet, too...

  4. I loved this, Chrissy.

    I could identify with this statement: "It's Tuesday and I was Friday exhausted and Monday hopeless." and also loved the imagery of "Greyson kept pulling on my sweater until I unraveled." You have a wonderful way with words!

  5. My mother's day gift is someone coming to clean my house. I know, best gift ever, right??!

    The only downside is that we will be home while he's cleaning and I've been trying to figure out how to keep my boys entertained. I feel guilty watching too much tv or movies but today we are going to turn on and just be happy.

  6. I have caught my kids' stomach bug and, today, instead of powering through and trying to get to work (because sick days are for when my kids are sick) I'm staying home. And instead of using my sick day to get things done around the house, I'm going to stay in bed and watch stupid things on Netflix and read a book. That's ridiculously kind for me!

  7. Chrissy, I'm so glad you had a chance to do something for yourself. It's so,so, so important as you know. BUT, can I just tell you that the vision of stuffed animals falling over the balcony and little Greyson probably being fascinated as they fell down on his mother made me smile into my coffee this morning. I'm sorry. I don't mean to make light of your stress or frustrations, but it helped me start my day with a smile. 😊

  8. Good for you Chrissy! I'm a Grandma and we're getting ready to have our daughter and her husband and our three beautiful grandkids move in with us for six months while their new house is being built. So I'm relaxing as much as I can for the next week and going to get a pedicure today! It'll be great having them, but busy!

  9. Lisa from Tennessee/OhioMay 7, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Hmmmm, ridiculously kind to myself, huh? Can I put it off a day or two? Today isn't convenient to do that. I know, I know, I get it. I shouldn't keep putting it off. But right now, ridiculously kind isn't in the cards. I'm following my dream to live in Nashville and work at the corporate office (No, not for music, although I love being around it!) But to follow that dream, I'm having to power through some tough times. My love is back in Ohio. But someone is looking at the house today, so keep your fingers crossed for me that they love it and want to buy it! I WILL do SOMETHING nice for myself today. Maybe I'll stop at the clothing store at lunch. :-)

  10. I just hired a cleaning lady to come clean my house every other week.....BEYOND excited! I SO deserve this and won't feel guilty for one damn second! ;) -K

  11. I bought 7 McDonald's yogurt parfaits today for my co-workers which made me feel good and put a smile on my face : ) <---- looked sort of like that ♥♥♥

  12. I went for a run and to balance it out ate a ridiculous amount of chocolate! :) I love be kind to yourself day, spreading the word :)

  13. I took a 5-mile run first thing early in the morning, when the little ones normally are asleep (kindness #1). When I got home, it turned out they'd been up for an hour and my husband was exhausted and stressed-out. I didn't let myself feel guilty for not being there, and stayed happy and upbeat (kindness #2!)

  14. I worked out. HARD. And it felt good. Today was the day I needed it too. Loads of self-hating in my head right now, but as I always say, it too shall pass. I'll try to be more kind (to myself). xxoo

  15. Hi...just reading this, didn't do anything special today but just want you to know I so enjoy reading your blog, your boys are are amazing...

  16. I sat on the couch after my kids and husband went to bed and binge-watched many episodes of The Millionaire Matchmaker while eating hundreds of candy buttons. I adore candy buttons beyond reason!!

    Chrissy--could you tell me where you got those beautiful dark wood chairs in the photo? I love them!

  17. I bought myself a delicious cafe mocha today before even reading your post!

  18. Yes! Love this. And no guilt. That is hard. Yet necessary!
    I took an evening to myself last night to attend a function that means a lot to me. So thankful I jumped through the hoops to get myself there.